Do I Have a Concussion?

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Do you know the signs and symptoms of a concussion? Do you know what you should and most importantly what you should NOT do if you have been diagnosed with a concussion? Our short video will provide details about signs, symptoms and myths related to concussions.

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Drezzydrez says:

How is he sentient with his brain outside of his head

Daisy Renee says:

I ran and fell

razorbackblood06 says:

Bing is a better search engine,

pilot kayayan says:

It takes 10 hours to see a doctor here in Canada

Westinhotshot says:

Got it checked out, turned out I did. Go to the hospital🤣.

emily says:

I think I have a concussion – passed out in the bathroom and hit my head on hard ground very very hard. It's a day later and my head still hurts. I don't feel right at all.

jackson kelly says:

I dont think u have a concussion i think ur on drugs if ur brain is popping out

T S says:

This was a really well made informative video!

Gianfranco Martinez says:

Bruh haha he got with bing

Driftyfn says:

Well my cousin hit me with a mouse pad so I try bite him then he kick my head then I throw him down to the ground 2 times but I don’t have it I have a headache

Giovanni Jimenez says:

A phat bottle of vodka fell on my head from the top shelf…..

Mongoose says:

Hey is it possible you could get a concussion from jumping and shaking your head? I was just jumping and shaking my head pretending to be a dj but then I felt like somthing moved inside of my head and i don’t feel normal I don’t know if it’s anxiety or I have a concussion

Axtra 123 says:

Dude I got ran over by a senior and I’m a freshman in high school and now I’m worries

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