Doctors share warning signs of head injury after Bob Saget's death

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Friends, family, and fans are still grieving the loss of actor Bob Saget. In light of his passing, doctors urge people to know the signs and symptoms of a head injury and when you should get help.

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Tena Bruce says:

He couldn’t of got all his injuries from a fall, because he had lots of abrasions knots bumps, gashes just lots of injuries!!! He was murdered!!!

james mcguire says:

allergic reaction vaccine shot.

Axe Addict says:

Now Cyril Wecht is coming out saying that it's ridiculous they logged this as a simple slip and fall. He's done some of the most famous cases ever.

Gift of time says:

If you are bashed in the head 3 or 4 your not walking around and saying I'll just go to sleep now. His eyesockets also broken. Quit hiding this and making excuses for this dipshit

Lori Vattes says:

If you listen to the youtube video where they are talking in separate rooms in their house, he didn't want to get involved with her to begin with because she was too young for him. She's the one who invited him to dinner and then pushed that he come when he just didn't show up because he said that he didn't know if he wanted to go that way. That was the biggest mistake of his life. Now he's dead and we can't get our beloved Bob back.

Your mom says:

These people are all dumb. This is a cover-up murder case. They know the bat to the head is different., then what they are trying to come up with.

Native2458 says:

He was murdered

Can B. says:

How can they even say it was an accident if they where not there? My mom always said don't go to sleep after hitting your head😔

Amor Fati says:

Four fractures to the skull is never going to be a harmless hit to the head. There are basic rules following s concussion and anyone who has had s kid should know them.

jackthereefer1 says:

The media is covering up for him. It might have been rough sex or a drug deal gone bad.

Janet Woods says:

You are journalists l remember back when the news would get a brain surgeon and let him explain expert information to the news. What has happened to the news it's all guesswork from you all.

krista smith says:

The extent of his injury is much more severe than what's explained here. This is good everyday advise, but has nothing to do with mr. Saget.

Lori Vattes says:

Also, if he still had Covidj-19, why was he touring alone? I would have insisted that I go with him. Why was he touring alone?

J K says:

Autopsy report: "Multiple fractures stretching from the back to the front of the skull and along the eye sockets. COVID-19 also tested positive." Recorded as COVID-related death.

Brian C says:

He hit the back of his head, the side of his head, the front of his head. He then was able to have the coordination and balance to find the bed and lay down. This is so bizarre. How are we accepting this as a normal explanation.

Nicholas Patti says:

I believed there was possible drugs or alcohol involved all so ! Or both .! When you fall and cut your head open And your bleeding. . You seek medical attention ! ..Not go to bed ! You don't go to sleep ! The M E Report said he had a fractured skull with a brain bleed . That had to hurt !

In silence says:

Oh, and he had an enlarged heart too….too fishy.

In silence says:

I still do not understand how Saget can bang the back of his head so severely to fracture his skull which we now know, and cause subdural and subarachnoid hemorrhaging…..and not call for ice or seek medical from hotel……and…he had 95% heart blockage, and took 2 antipsychotic meds. I think he was unsteady from the meds and tired and banged his head as he fell, …or….he got assaulted and was put on the bed and subsequently died. Something just does not add up….a head injury of that intensity HURTS….PERIOD. and we are to believe he just laid down on the bed? No….this is too fishy.

Ai Vel says:

How did they determine a head injury? Was there an outward knot
on his head or was there just inflammation in the head in a certain area?

Mary Loves God says:

Jesus Christ is at the door, get yourselves ready for the return of Jesus Christ today because tomorrow is not promised. Have a genuine repentance and be born again, do not be left behind. Rapture is imminent, destruction is coming to the world. This world is not our home, get yourselves ready to leave with our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ by having a one on one personal relationship with him today.

Matte Black says:

This smells fishy
I hit myself in the head so hard before everything smelled like grilled cheese for 2 days

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