Don't sleep on your back!

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The best sleep position? Find out here:


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@YOGABODY.Official says:

Watch the full video, I recommend sleeping on your side:

@chelseachelseafcsuperfan7220 says:

That’s a hair system

@mirapilates says:

I dislocated both shoulders, shoulder surgery. What should I do.

@midnightcafe5120 says:

Now i don't know how to sleep

@ketvoski says:

It’s crazy how people will immediately believe anything you post online just because you sound confident about it

@charlesa3505 says:

Holy moly this is fucking stupid

@Aaron-kr5ty says:

yeah well some of us unlike you ignorant shit, have major back problems and have to lay on our back and elevate or legs or put pillows underneath our knees so our hips our square and flat. So it requires us to sleep on the back. FEAR FEAR FEAR dont do this and you cant do that. people are very ignorant these days.

@scott83gmail says:

Most every YouTube videos I listen to will say don't do this don't do that don't do this but they never recommend what is best

@user-uz4nv5nn5b says:

Wheezing I only get that when I side sleep lol

@user-fy7rr9wd3f says:

So what do you recommend
Side sleeping??
it's fucked up my face
Side sleeping=Asymmetrical face
I think Back sleeping and nose breathing is the best
if you can't shut your mouth use a tape 🤷

@Elysium405 says:

How do i sleep then??? Like at this point all sleeping sides are just bad

@natalieflanagan4430 says:

I have chronic pain and can not sleep on my side or my stomach. I with I could sleep in another position.

@richbunnell7426 says:

Nope. Unless you’re fat. Sleeping on your back is the best. Bryan Johnson – 100% sleep score for six months straight, only sleeps on his back. Listen to him.

@jessequick6158 says:

Interesting, cause when I sleep on my back my severe sleep apnea is gone

@aokiaoki4238 says:

How do you side sleep on the floor?

@joerose5871 says:

No alternative, no adjustments JUST PURE FEAR OF EVERYTHING

@ungsuhan says:

It's so comfortable though. And sorta OP like a cheat code. I fall asleep in 5 minutes

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