Dr. Jeffrey Kreutzer: Strategies to Help People with TBI and Their Families Deal with Loneliness

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People with a brain injury — and their families — often feel as if no one understands what they’re going through. These feelings are compounded by the change in or loss of friendships, but working with a therapist can be beneficial.

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‘For the Love of Music’ says:

How can I find this therapy? Thank you

Ann Cavanaugh says:

FINALLY!!!! A therapist who gets it!!!! Thank you so much, Dr. Kreutzer.

Wendy olsen says:

This is very true. Lonelyness and lossing everyone and everythiing is huge. First, my huband died. Two months later, my dog died. A year later, a car accident caused a severe TBI. Since then, I've lost all my friends. My family hasn't called me for a year to see if I'm even alive. I talk to no one and just stay home in bed depressed day after day. I truely wish the accident would have killed me.

Jacob says:

The sound of him swallowing is driving me crazy.

Susie Felix says:

This is exactly what my husband is going through 🙁

OvercomeLoneliness says:

Thank you Dr. Kreutzer. Very accurate and comprehensible explanation.

April Puckett says:

FINALLY!!! After suffering from this myself, I have heard someone in the medical field precisely explain the most painful devastation I have ever experienced. Thank you, Dr. Kreutzer.

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