Dr. Jeffrey Kreutzer: What Keeps People from Moving Forward After a Brain Injury?

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After at TBI, no one wants to think that they are stuck with long-term symptoms like memory loss, cognitive impairment, slow processing, and so forth. Acceptance can be especially hard for perfectionsts and high achievers; they have a hard

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Heather V says:

My biggest issue after my TBI is the widespread burning pain. It's so severe and the lower half is worse then the top. Sometimes me feet will be extremely more intense then the other areas. But always 24/7 my body or nervous system doesn't ever get a break.

I also have a hard time finding drs that understand or how to even diognosis it. How can I help myself and my drs to get better? Its been like this since 2014 it started going a lil lower once I got on CBD oil and was on the 15 mg oxy every 5-6hrs and then I got into another accident hit the head the same place! And now I have stage 4 adrenal fatigue, multi organ Dysfunction, endocrine issues.
But even after all that new stuff. It's the pain i still need gone.
I also have inflamed trigger points that never seen to go down, I feel like I have something eating away at every layer of my body. Even the top of my skin burns. I need someone who understands this.

‘For the Love of Music’ says:

I was a nurse for 35 years before my TBI.. This is very true.

Empire Cases says:

It can be just as hard to deal with the people who don't get that you have struggles because t has been years since your injury. n fact those closest don't even believe you have a brain injury because your not all bruised and swollen anymore and tend to try to go on with life the best yo can, at least in public.

NORTH Line says:

So worried about my dad . What if he won't be just as before and how he will deal with that. . ❤

matt duffin says:

This Dr Dude in on target. I've myself a career lost to a TBI

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