Drop Foot-Best Exercises to Walk Normal Again Plus a New Technique.

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate the best exercises one can do to regain strength with a drop foot. At the end of the video they demonstrate a new technique to help you train to walk normal again.

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Reynaldo Crisostomo says:


Louie Laolong says:

this things makes it more painful

sunalini suradkar says:

This video is too good Amazing.may help patient Thank you very much.

doloresmorton says:

Thankj you guys for this video. I find it very helpful. I have Small Fiber Neuropathy in both feet which caused a mild form of foot drop causing me to fall many times. I hope this helps along with the Saebo foot brace that I ordered.

Dan Pride says:

I was in a rehab facility from a stroke with paralysed left side non ambulatory when covid showed up in the facility. I panicked and started taking lots of Horse Ivermactin (every other day a weeks dose) out of fear of Covid on top of the Drs meds) lisenopril, crestor, clapidodril). (Note: this is horse not human. Human is baked at 400 degrees for reasons of taste only – they kill all the good stuff I think). I went from non ambulatory to a walker weeks after. It shocked the nurses so much they were out with little wheely distance measures recording my extra distances and writing reports. Iver it turns out is strongly brain anti-inflamatory. Then after some research I added daily broccoli sprout powder (raw materials for brain repair) and beet root powder (circulation) and a source of leutiolin (Advanced Memory Formula from advanced bionutritionals) for brain plasticity, and an Amino Acid supplement(Perfect Amino from advanced nutritionals). The combo was like a jet engine on my recovery. My Left side was paralyzed Oct 12. I am typing this now using both hands. Still lots of mistakes but its getting better as is my walking (1/2 mile a day pretty smoothly unassisted). I just made an arrangement to go jogging w a friend on May 11 (birthday) and I hope to actually do it if this keeps up. My stroke was not covid-19 related (Lifetime High BP). Note its all stuff available on amazon altho its cheaper direct for some of it). Its all natural and totally safe. Broccoli sprout powder may taste like shit but it won't hurt you !. This is all just my personal experience hope it is helpful to somebody.

Farm House says:

How long it takes to recover from foot drop after performing the exercises mentioned in the video. I'm suffering from foot drop and under going physiotherapy. But I see not much improvement. The toe does not rise and my foot is tilted towards the right. This is making me difficult to walk and I'm dragging my right leg while walking.

Linda Daly says:

Thank you for encouragement

Pushpanatha Dhanasekaran says:

Felt happy seeing and following ur,exercises online

Beth Redmond Walsh says:

Love you guys! Thank you for your nice nuggets of wisdom about strengthening and stretching the muscles affected by foot drop. I've had foot drop after hip surgery for a few years and your physical therapy exercise advice is the best I've seen so far dealing with this problem. I never knew how many different muscles and parts of the leg were involved in footdrop. I tried a few of your foot exercises and stretches and it all feels really good.

John Goh says:

Bob & Brad, can your prescribed exercise be able to healed foot drop damaged by the peroneal nerve?

Bridget Brown says:

Great videos thanks ..am looking for some advice about walking again in a moonboot after 4 weeks non weight bearing on crutches..can you help me please ???

samsensation786 says:

Im gona try this I have ms, not sure if its for ms patient but worth the try

Ahsan Butt says:

Very informative vedio thnx alot

Yugal Pakural says:

I had a Road Vehicle accident and I had to undergo L3 (burst facture) decompression surgery and now I am with left foot with total foot drop. There is sensitivities but there is no motion below ankle. Please do let me know more about it. I am a teacher from Bhutan and I am not able to join my duty back. Please do help me

Judith Langley says:

I am from the UK and suffered foot drop after a hip replacement just over 3 years ago. My nerve conduction tests are very encouraging and I am having more movement. However I have muscle wastage and need to strengthen them and my Achilles’ tendon. I am hopeful for a full recovery. I have had very little advice and just told to wait until the nerve regenerates. I am fed up with it all now but after watching this video I feel very encouraged and with little or no cost can do a lot to improve things. Thank you so much.

marge Hermann says:

this sounds great, 3 years ago I had my uterus was "pinned up" and was on the OR table longer than they planned, and now I have drop foot, I hope this will help. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

Rachel Wilson says:

I had a moped accident just 2 years agocausing tibia fracture, damaged nerves in my foot causing drop foot. It hasn't made much progress..I can't hold it, if I let it go, my foot will just drop.

Jarmanjit Singh says:

Sar foot drop dea exrsize daso plz

rina yousaf says:

Sir u didn't reply me I am foot drop patient pls tell me if I try to walk my knee starts pain so pls tell me any treatment

panther ronak says:

Sir I had suffered with GBS now I have foot drop in left foot please help

Gary Smith LMT says:

Good job fellas

Matt Scott says:

I had a DVT back in August in my left calf below the knee. A few times my leg went almost numb and my foot would be dragging. The muscles remain pretty weak. Is this common about blood clots?

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