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For the best over the counter drop foot treatment available go to: http://www.footscientific.com/elevate/

For an indepth video on the Elevate(tm) Drop Foot Brace go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSP9LUnQEDU

For more information on other foot conditions, treatments and solutions, go to http://www.footscientific.com.

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Tracy j says:

I'm 12 years with drop foot mines has never got better damage in my nerves and spine was to severe..and bad ill fitting the splints never helped ..after my op .. I still have no feeling in the inside of my foot..and I get terrible pain …but Its the lose of balance that affects me more..as I trip alot even with brace ..does any one no what the balance thing is about..its always to the left I go same side as drop foot ..?

John Trelore says:

I had surgery on my back which has given me a drop foot my calf muscle has wasted away I get a lot of pain in my left foot due to nerve damage been told there is nothing more can do for me just wondering if there is anything I can do for it

Rasel miah says:

Sir i have had PLID problem for that my right foot has drop for few weeks.i did surgery for that problem but my foot is same as before…can you suggest me something plz.

seshu aiyar says:

I had a fall and twisted my ankle, causing multiple fracture,a screw was incerted, after that experienced footdrop,I already had sciatica problem, can I get a cure?



Ron Dolan says:

I got to have surgery for disk replacement I've got drop foot the surgery should have done a year ago I'm afraid the damage is to far gone

forestsoceansmusic says:

I saw a doctor right away when I first got my drop foot in April 2019, but I got no treatment at all here in Australia, just lots of tests with still no idea of the cause. Also, I have a 'double-whammy' because my varicose veins started getting worse after the drop foot came on. After wearing compression stockings I began to get "superficial clots" (I stopped wearing them because a new varicose vein developed on the inside of my knee so the top of the compression stocking was pressing into it), and finally I was rushed to hospital on 24 December 2019 with a metre-long clot in my leg. They took out my whole saphenous vein on Boxing Day. My drop foot had improved somewhat before the clots got bad after trying 3 different acupuncturists. Each acupuncturist achieved longer-lasting results than the one before. Just as the bruising from the removal of my saphenous vein is almost gone, the drop foot is not the worst it has ever been (causing me to fall). I was a hard core hiker right up until my drop foot came on. I can't remember any injury that may have caused it…unless a suspected broken little toe could do that?

fsd emb says:

Wilson disease is also foot drop.


hi Chris,
I met with an accident on 31st January 2019 which caused knee dislocation (ACL and LCL injury) but common paroneal nerve was intact . After 3-4 months of wait on 15th May 2019 triple nerve grafting was performed . It's been 4 months now since nerve surgery but it has not improved even a single bit. In stead my ankles are getting stiff. Can you please guide me , what should I do now?

Deepak Gupta says:

My no is 9031007060

Deepak Gupta says:

Hii sir can you treatment my footdrop problem ..I suffrinf to 40 days back..

PRN Gaming says:

Please. Translate in Hindi.

Younus MKD says:

Sir I have also footdroop 9years old football injurie no recovery 😭 pls help me sir 0097466577087 Whatsapp me

Eli M says:

Terrible advice. The brace doesn't fix the problem.
Look up Bob and Brad foot drop on YouTube for actual treatments


Think i have droopfoot Cox i had a stroke.

Anji123 Passion says:

I had blood clots in my heart ,they flew out 3 months ago blocking blood flow to my legs ,now I cannot walk, pain is horrible

Anji123 Passion says:

The pain is horrible from drop foot

Mantu Sahu says:

Can foot drop cure in home remedies

Medical XFT says:

Thanks for share

pedroelara Valter Lima says:

Uma dessas pra mão e braço

Mohsin Sardar says:

Hi. I have left foot drop since Jan 18 due to peronial nerve injury in sciatica when i was on ventilator.
I have recovered my foot drop much of but now it looks like stuck since 3 months at lifting foot upward from standard position. Can u please tell me, will i get recovery more or either stop. Or whats the other option to get recover other than normal physio theraphy exercises……..

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