Effect of Brain Injury on Personality

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How does personality change after brain injury? In this video, NeuroRestorative’s Dr. Gordon Horn explains the cognitive, emotional and social components that impact personality. As a Neuropsychologist, Dr. Horn works with individuals and families to evaluate, stabilize, and optimize personality changes so individuals can continue their rehabilitative progress.

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Deb Blackmore says:

Keep going doing amazing things stay strong stay safe everyone takecare becareful out there dont let guards down sending luck hugs prayers most of all love from headway Nottingham UK takecare everyone x

Lauri Aktahi says:

I've suffered for 48 years. Can't find a doctor who has the knowledge to deal with me. Now that I've seen how easily doctors completely disregard Nuremberg, I'll never go to one again.
Y'all have Failed

Ann says:

I had Serotonin Poisoning 6 years ago, from prescribed meds, the dosage was doubled, I've never been the same.
My neurologist is doing all he can with my history of concussions, and med sensitivities and after years of being seizure free, the Epilepsy is back.
Also I have parkinsonism, Dystonia.

Ali Fakhreddine says:

I'm 32 long COVID has given me extreme changes to my memory, inhibition, and aspects of language control. I.E decibel, intonation, and "whining" I guess? I'm not supported but constantly insulted by my dearest loved ones who can actually help me if they would except I have changed it started as 12/2020 and has progressed to a bedridden state. My left pupil is always dilated and left is pin point. I'm so depressed I can't go on

Midnight Mogui says:

I breathed in a toxin at work. This caused 'enormous' 24/7 headaches for 3 months. Now, I have double vision in both eyes…everytime I push or indeed stand for too long I get enormous left sided headaches, double vision gets worse, fatigue etc. My neurologist says my scans are ok but I simply can't push out of it. I spend most days seated. It's been over a year now. I'm so unhappy. Does anyone know what I should do?

davidca96 says:

My neighbors mother as a kid was in a severe car crash. Her personality was completely changed permanently. Before it happened she was kind of a mean person and felt she was better than everyone else. She became a soft spoken, friendly person afterwards and it was really scary as a kid to witness.

Catherine Joy says:

My sister was convinced that I was an imposter. It was all very overwhelming but my reactions were as if sedated. There was no speech for six weeks+ and then a gradual re-learning. Who was I? What was I like? Eventually I remembered a chatty, friendly, giggly but rather withdrawn child (home situation). I suppose some of her is within my personality but speech has been the bane of my life. My spontaneous speech is 90% in a memory phrasebook. My comprehension is lagged by, say, a third of a sentence. It is tiring. Friends speak at a relaxed pace but my luxury is not having to speak. We adapt and this is me but it has been hard at times. Without a badge on people assume I am dense, rude or look down on them. It turns out my face is a little blank. People are lovely if they know but it is a gamble, so support groups are great.

Prags Prajs says:

My father has brain aneurysm rupture. He is in ICU, pls pray🙏 for him🙏

R Mark says:

Tbi after bombing a hill on my skateboard. 25 years skateboarding no broken bones or head injuries. Then that happened. I changed. A lot. Angry, depression, can snap. And I don’t remember my life before my head injury. Only the people in my life and small snippets of life. It’s super sucks. That was 4 years ago. I hate this.

Timothy Wilson says:

yeah but how do you convince them thst they have changed

Richard Ottum says:

From active duty high speed no drag to almost in a body bag

I. M. I. says:

It must make the grown men and women who I know that take such pleasure in social engineering . lying deceiving cheating stealing from me after I was destroyed by 2 TBI what a challenge it must be my close friends killed my property destroyed. My identity stolen my life in a ruin by manipulative and hatefulness epsilon Minnesota. Telling me I need to learn a lesson joking after stealing my computers used to achieve a income after disability telling me dying in the drug war wasn't enough. I have to learn my lesson. Stealing my RSDI and laughing while I am homeless.
Well isn't that special. I preserver to endure your lame hate filled days there is a special place in Satan's as s eternally just for you…. Share my love jerks.

1M says:

Hmmm makes sense

christine tebedo says:

Well…that gave me not one single answer! Please! Elaborate!

Ashley Silver says:

He never use words like borderline personality or any personality disorder or ocd or bipolar. Wonder why?

Christian Serna says:

I live with a TBI, and it makes me wish I had died in my accident

Choughed says:

Fell out a car a month before my second birthday, been a anxious wreck all my life, all my doctor's don't seem to want to listen about the possible link between head injury and my nervousness, I'm 33 now and I still don't know how to sort this shit out. Arghhhhhhhhhh

Nesrin Öz says:

My uncle had tbi in a car accident. The airbag didnt deploy. Knocked his forehead on front window. His personality did a 180. He turned into a complete narcisist, selfish, lazy, kleptomaniac asshole. He furiously refuses any form of cure (medicine to therapy)

Deb Blackmore says:

Stay strong everyone stay safe keep going giving up isn't a option you got this wishing you all luck sending love from UK xxxxx

Shane Carubbi says:

It's to bad more people don't understand this.

Cristopher De Castro says:

When i was 3 yrs old i got brain injury at my back of my head (hit by 2 inches deep broken glass ),i dont know what part of my brain got damage and when i started pre-school and till i graduated college i got trouble in academic specially in analytical problem,..i know how it feel when we have this one in ourselves ,people can criticized us but never knew rhe story behind the troble i got, btw i act normal the problem is SLOWLY always lost in emotion.

6A Horses says:

I too sufffered a tbi many years ago that required emergency brain surgery (7cm clot )(horse accident) then 8 years ago I was drug by a horse for several minutes (had a non lethal bleed, but don’t remember waking up that day) then I had a mule run off with me and although I had a helmet on, I don’t remember being found, being at the hospital or anything for a few days after. I recently went back to school at 44 years old and became an art teacher. I feel like my brain “got smarter” during my 3 years at school but now as a new teacher and during COVID stress, I am struggling all over again with time management, planning, and thought processing. I am about to try medication for ADHD for the first time in my life.

Paula Ray says:

My Son was hit by a train ,in 2009,He got TBI.and he cripple,it par lises his lelf side,it toke over a year to get him walking again,Got him back some what ,But he steal had alot of probably,He got a lawyer.,but the lawyer never done anything for him!and I call them!and they would n' t tell me nothing,I told them I was his mother,and I was the one taking care of his stuff,But she said he had sign a paper,Well a little while after that ,He ,the lawyer was gone! don't know what Happens to his office! And about year later he open up a nice new office!Never gave my paper or picture,of the accident back,Well my son live a hard life!he was in a another accident,almost die.in a coma,again well he pull thought this one,God has bless him twice now,But he in a Rebuildtaion place now!and he not be able to walk,mess his spine up!,and his TBI Is worst ,I don't think he going recover from this!I wish I could take his place,so he could have a life,he still young man.but I will keep on praying!and hope for a miracle!

Jennifer Honeycutt says:

Not to long ago I suffered thru an unusual mishap that lead to a pretty severe head injury. I came to and at first just got up and said I'm ok
Then next I remember everyone acting strange with one priority on there minds to get me to sit in the wheelchair. Now I'm noticing the early part of the latter massive blood amounts. I am as quickly as possible rushed to the E.R. It seems if by the time we arrive it may at the most have been a full twenty minutes,not one minute more. My uniform is starting to weigh alot more do to all the blood that's soaked in it. The doctor puts 8 to 10 Staples in my head and talks with me for a short bit. He notifies me of the fact that he had to remove a blood clot while stapling the head up. I just want to change clothes and try to relax. I seriously believe I went into an out of body experience during all this. My dad arrives and with the help of some pain meds,we leave and hope for the best.Not with out receiving a first of many MRIs tho.I end up doing what I believe as pretty well. I am suffering thru a great deal of pain tho. I mean it's unbearable. I take off walking towards my place . Shortly after taking pain pill and trying hard to cope with the pain experience I try once again to relax. I become totally different than normal and start screaming at voices that I continue to hear. The goal is just to respond in a deserving manner and to deal with it until who knows. I am basically unaware of the fact that my neighbors have become Leary of my behavior and must have called. I open the door to the police wanting to check on me and end up taking me to mental hospital. I stay around six days while suffering through what seems to be very strange and serious pain considering a doctor has already seen me and stapled me up. I'm eventually out and the pain is so bad I just check myself right back into the E.R
They end up helping out alot!! They remove just one of the Staples and it's immediately less painful. I believe I can live with it. They again do another MRI and release me. At this point about two weeks have come and gone. The Staples come out. I appear to be thinking oddly,my blood pressure is high,and I have massive headache.Not to mention and living thru the pain all over again each and Everytime a flashback runs thru my mind. I am locked up again after having yet another MRI and receiving a good deep cleaning of the area. About a week goes by,altho the headaches I suffer thru,with meds of course. I must say they are not only unusual for me to experience,but they seem to be taking place daily. I'm out About two months go by. It's hard to continue dealing with the flashbacks,and the headaches,altho not near gone,they've at least slowed down some. I don't feel good really. I decide to visit the E.R again. They examine me and decide it may be best to spend time in there,so they could at least observe me. I'm locked up again. It's voluntary,at least going in. At this time I'm starting to seriously believe they like tricking me into agreeing to enter,but I have no control or knowledge as to when or if I may get out.My headaches are pretty redundant. Everyone else seems to have an opinion about my unaware yet strange behavior. I'm starting to actually believe these people and think that possibly that blow to the head was a bit much and may have done more. I get out and go in to get another MRI. Altho they are doing them often,each time they seem to feel as if it's needed,and come back and explain that nothing has showed up. It's now about six months after all this. I focus more are staying in good spirits and healing. With a headache about twice a week,I manage to meet a new goal and stay out of hospital despite news heard about strange behavior. I stay out and enjoy freedom for a full month and a half or so. Then along with blood pressure headache gets more severe causing more flashbacks. Not only do I picture in my head the massive amount of blood that had my clothes weighed down,and left literally puddles all over the e.r. room,but I also experience that pinching pain of my head that was probably do to where the first staple was in,and seriously had to have been in wrong. I'm locked up again. I'm getting really upset now. I end up losing my freedom AGAIN all because of a preventable yet accidental mishap. My stay is everybit of 8 days. It now means probably 6 months or so has passed. I seem to be having to seek medical help about every 4 months. Losing all rights to freedom for an average of 8 days or so at a time. It's now been 21/2 years . I realize my behavior is definitely different than most,I must add I've survived thru some odd and desturbing things. The last time I had an MRI was probably6 months or so.I did however just gained another glimpse of freedom back on8-28-2020.The flashbacks happen alot less with me only recalling pain about once every 8mon.The headaches happen alot less frequently, and not only am I in shock as to the mess this injury has put me thru,trying to ease my way around everyone of the barriers I now face,partly because of Covid as well. I'm really looking at Freedom as hopeful as can be. It's not only nice to have,but I am actually feeling the best I've been since the accident took place. I was also curious as to if you thought them drs.at the E.R would be experienced enough to read the MRI accurately. If so,do you think there could be a slight chance that even if it doesn't show up,if maybe something could still be wrong? I hate the fact that everyone around me who is aware of the injury seems to judge my behavior and harshly at that. I'm begining to look at this experience as nothing other than a struggle to win the fight against my right as an American that supports the troops fully on the basis that my rights have been totally stripped from me,just for simply doing what used to be needed to heal from an accident as minute as falling from the top bunk on toa concrete floor. I do however hope to get a response just in case something pops up again in future. I honestly feel like as far as the injury is concerned it seems to have accomplished some major healing thru the crazy process.

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