Emotional Regulation after Brain Injury

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“A brain injury is the only time that we ask the injured body part to regulate itself…” How are emotions affected after brain injury? What are some “tells” for when a brain injury survivor is getting emotionally overwhelmed? Let’s talk about it! In this clip, Cristabelle is joined by Rebecca Quinn and Carly Endres from North Dakota Brain Injury Network.

💙 Hear more on the podcast! — This is a segment from “Hope Survives | Brain Injury Podcast” with Cristabelle Braden – Season 2 Episode 3 “Emotional Dysregulation” – hear the full conversation on podcast feeds or at: https://hopeafterheadinjury.com/644/emotional-dysregulation-with-ndbin/

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Ryan Lane says:

I have a lot of frontal lobe damage, as well as, some temporal lobe damage. Learning so much from these video casts. Tears fill my eyes, knowing that I don't have to feel as though I am losing my mind. Thank you all in this episode for bringing the enlightenment that I think so many of us need

Christine Trimpe says:

I’m really enjoying your channel as I care 24/7 for my TBI loved one. Thank you. I’m actually encouraging him to share his journey through music and experiences, too. Someday soon—but we are still trying to find the best care for him.

Gus the MicroYeti says:

No Joke, this was VERY Helpful.

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