Emotions post-TBI

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This video is my take on emotions after a Traumatic Brain Injury.
Definitely been a rollercoaster, and a struggle trying to adjust to the ‘new me’ in the ‘new normal’. I have fears, about the future with my temper in the field I am going into but, I know God got me.

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Read my story and follow my journey on my blog… https://livingbythesunshine.blogspot.com ,
I was involve in a car accident where I almost lost my life.
Through a lot of obstacles, I can say I am truly happy and blessed.

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Beatriz Rivero says:

Amazing and strong survivor! Dios te bendiga siempre!

Ann Marie says:

This is so beautiful Beatriz. I will send it to my brain injured friend.


Lovely Beatriz! Hope we can meet up one day! You’re a truly inspiring person! God bless you 🙏🏻

Paul McMahon says:

Thank you beatriz! From Australia to you I found the emotional changes so so strong in my recovery! <3

It's good to see others like you sharing and talking about it. We're in this together. To try and stop that NEGATIVITY is good, I wrote this on my blog all about positivity during recovery actually! I hope you can relate https://paulmcmahonauthor.wordpress.com/2020/10/04/continuous-positivity-influences-your-mindset/

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