Exercise Intolerance after Brain Injury / Concussion (with Dr. Mark Heisig)

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Did you know it can be common to develop exercise intolerance while recovering from a brain injury? Many people find their symptoms increase or they are not able to tolerate exercising or breaking a sweat.

Why does this happen? Let’s talk about it! This week on “Hope Survives | Brain Injury Podcast,” Dr. Mark Heisig is here to explain why this happens, and give advice for survivors on how to increase movement.

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0:00 Introducing Dr. Mark Heisig
4:15 What are some challenges with exercise after concussion?
7:46 Relationship between Exercise & Concussion Symptoms

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Mark Heisig, ND is a concussion specialist practicing in Scottsdale, AZ. Dr Mark strives to be a leader in integrative concussion recovery by inspiring athletes and motivated individuals with simplicity and innovation to achieve new levels of higher quality performance in sport and life. Dr. Mark lives with his wife and their newborn daughter in AZ, plays ice hockey when he can, runs recreationally, and pets all dogs.

Connect: @drmarkheisig on instagram, or drheisig.com

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Andy Titcombe says:

Thank you, very informative. Currently suffering with ‘hangover’ like symptoms after exercise. 10 months post concussion incident. Not very nice !

Angela Trudeau says:

That was the clearest explanation I have found. I was disbelieved by all the medical professionals I saw. All!

eliza*em says:

Believe it or not, i am recovering from a brain injury after being prescribed and cold turkeyed off of benzodiazepines. I have not been able to do anything more than light walking in over 7 years. Even most forms of yoga completely mess me up and ill be bedridden for a week. It makes me so sad.

Martin Johnson says:

Great episode!

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