Extivita HBOT Patient Experience – Laura & Jon Grant – Traumatic Brain Injury

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Listen to Laura & John’s experience with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) at Extivita to treat John’s Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Learn more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy for traumatic brain injury at https://www.extivita.org/Explore-HBOT/traumatic-brain-injury-tbi/

March 16, 2017: A massive fire broke out in downtown Raleigh. Jon, a navy seal with medical training went to see if he could help in any way. On the way home that night Jon was involved in a nearly fatal car accident that left Jon in a coma with a severe brain injury. His wife Laura Browning Grant has not left his side since the accident, and has been working tirelessly to rehabilitate him.

She immediately was interested in using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) as means of recovery, but could not find a doctor who was willing to allow Jon to be treated with HBOT. That’s when America’s Mighty Warriors reached out and offered to pay for Jon’s hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Soon after Laura was able to get Jon to Extivita to start HBOT treatments and the results have been life changing.

Here’s what Laura has to say about the difference HBOT made:
-“From before we started hyperbaric [oxygen] to now, is black or white. It’s two different phases of his healing. Before it was dark and now we are in light. There is hope. Every day is healing.”
-“Jon has improved on every level that the doctors said he would never improve on.”

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Emerald Kimble says:

Releigh chapel hill Durham duke unc ncstTe

Emerald Kimble says:

I had it nothing happened what can North Carolina s research triangle do?

Deborah Clayton says:

This woman ,she's beautiful,very intelligent,he's very lucky,he will make it because God is with him ,all the best to you both,also ,she is very strong,he is strong too,God bless

Amanda Aronica says:

This is an amazing story. My sister is in the ICU and has suffered a brain injury and I feel that I am the advocate to get her brain working again and we have started with speech and I feel we have a long road ahead but this story gives me and my family hope🙏

Miblissfulego says:

Amazing testimony God blessed 🙏

Edgar says:

Can this help someone that needs a breathing machine and is paralyzed from two strokes?

Tami Duncan says:

Praise God Jesus is Lord great teamwork to this beautiful covenant couple..

Greg Villa says:

If there is a god he will send me a wife like this amazing loving and strong 💪

Georgie Hughes says:

Praise the Lord!

Michael Jordan says:

How is he doing now?

MJpyt says:

God bless this woman..please God heal him faster.she deserves the rest and reward to be only his wife

Nancy Db says:

Gotta love that smile.

I27T I84 says:

how did he go from a burning building to an automobile accident?

Ethan Boyd says:

heart emoji

JustBrew South Africa says:

You are an amazing woman, God bless you & your husband!

Darren Bishop says:

Two beautiful souls! Thank you Lord for the fight that you put into these two.

IrishGalFLA says:

What a beautiful AMAZING woman

Nutmeg014 says:

Seeing your love in a lessened state, permanent loss of what they once were – hell on earth.

S T says:

What a courageous couple. My ex left me after braking my shoulder, and not being able to work. 6 years on, I still can't move it properly and I'm happily single. That woman definitely has made it difficult for me to trust women. Laura, you have given me hope that there are some decent ones out there.

Marlena Singleton says:

What a beautiful story. She is a strong, godly woman.

Mark and Patty Johnson says:

November 2021, This world needs an update. Prayers and blessings in Jesus Name.

Rachel says:

Love this <3 I wonder how he is today

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