Eye Glasses Prove ‘Life-Changing’ for Former Hockey Player: TBI and Concussion Success Story

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Debbie Buchanan was skeptical – at first. After years of coping with the debilitating symptoms of traumatic brain injury, she wondered whether the Mind-Eye Institute in Northbrook, Ill. might be “just another thing that won’t work.”

But her skepticism became hope, and her hope turned to belief when she began wearing the special eye glasses prescribed her by the Mind-Eye team.

“I call them my ‘brain’ glasses,” says Debbie, a former competitive hockey player, who was also an elementary school teacher and flight attendant before her brain-related symptoms worsened. “I put them on as soon as they arrived, and, for the first time in I don’t know how many years, my body finally relaxed a bit. [Those glasses] were life-changing – just getting relief from some of my symptoms and knowing I was on the right path [to recovery].”

▶︎ If you or someone you know has experienced a vision problem, brain injury or feel like “something is different” then take our free online “Vision Quiz” or speak with one of our New Patient Specialists and come in for a Mind-Eye exam today by contacting our office at 847-984-3156 or visiting us at https://mindeye.com

The Mind-Eye Institute is an optometry practice with an emphasis on neuro-optometric rehabilitation that provides world-class care by measuring the eye as well as how the brain processes its visual inputs.

Through groundbreaking research and innovative treatments, Dr. Zelinsky and her team have been creating life-changing experiences for nearly 30 years – working with Post-Concussive Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism or Developmental Issues, Unique Learning Issues and Difficulties with Attention (ADD, ADHD, CAPD), PTSD and more. For more information, please call 847-984-3156, or visit http://mindeye.com.


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meme1star says:

My daughter who is 15 years old and autistic is about to get these type of eye glasses. Which is what brought me in search of videos of others wearing them and their experiences. I'm really hopeful and excited to see what difference they make in her life.

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