Finding Hope After Traumatic Brain Injury: Corey Davis’s Story

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Corey Davis was in a motorcycle accident that had left him in a coma for seven weeks and had caused severe traumatic brain injury. Kathleen Bechtold, Ph.D, director of the Johns Hopkins Brain Rehabilitation Program worked with Corey following his accident. Over the course of the years, Corey’s physical and cognitive improvement was dramatic. Corey now competes in triathlons and is the founder of Ocean Games. Ocean Games’ mission is to raise funds for the Johns Hopkins Brain Rehabilitation Program, as well as increase awareness of brain injuries and recovery while promoting the positive effects that sports have on the mind and body. To learn more:

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Billy Gnosis says:

Truth…..and as a severe TBI victim, I agree. The brain is the most mysterious and amazing force in the known universe. It is capable of almost anything. But recovery does come at a price, namely extreme fatigue……but it is a trade off most if not all of us will take….keep up the good fight

John Mazmanian says:

I suffered a “tbi” back in 2014… my mom told me that they wanted to put me into a group home for people that are disabled, I thank God my tbi is basically invisible unless I repeat myself “perseveration” or I loose track of the conversation.. I broke my right femur… now it’s titanium reenforced, my spleen ruptured and I was in a coma for 4 weeks. I’ve had to relearn literally everything and I thank God I have Jesus, my mother patients and my don’t tell me I can’t personality has got me to as far as I am, tell me I can’t… just I’ll just say get a camera and watch me do it… with Christ I have Philippians 4:13 and I am the verse Romans 12:2… I was a dead man walking before my accident but now I’m a new creation and it’s all because of the love of Jesus, my mothers patients and because if you tell me I can’t…. that’s just more fuel for me to prove you wrong… with Christ I can do all things! Philippians 4:13! When ever let anyone tells you you can’t, prove them wrong! We are our only limitation!! Btw Gods not dead!

Jenny Hughes says:

All the best to him & congratulations! Does John Hopkins provide healthcare & rehabilitation to those who have no health insurance or do you only provide services to wealthy/well-insured people and if so what happens to those who can't access your (and other similar) services, do they ever have as good a recovery without the right treatment (I don't think they can)? I've got a brain injury too and got no help from the state-run NHS in the UK.

Lora P says:

Wonderful story! My brother suffered the same type of injury under similar circumstances. The attending doctor said because he has Medicaid, he would never get proper rehab, and therefore be relegated to a life of severe, spasticity-caused contractures, and a life lived in a nursing home. He was partially correct: Medicaid pays for zero rehab for DAI, and that has led to severe contractures, and a life, bed and chair bound. Fortunately, we take care of him at home, so the doctor was wrong about a life lived in a nursing home. We spent over $20,000 one year for a physical therapist to no avail.

Dolores Borschell says:

I am so worried that after all this time has passed he won't be able to walk.All the patients in this place are in the same boat

Dolores Borschell says:

Thank You for this video.I wish you the best of luck with your on going recovery. One year ago my adult son suffered TBI.The icu wanted to give up on him.I said no.After six weeks in icu. He was sent to a long term care sub acute.It is 100 miles round trip from my home.They told me he would be going there for therapy.This place doesn't even have a therapy room. It houses 60 patients who are all on feeding tubes and have trachs.Nobody ever gets out of bed.You never see a patient in a wheelchair or getting around.My son has never been married so I am the come to person that has to sign for his medicaid checks.He has been laying in that bed for a whole year. I asked to bring him home and care for him but they made me get a lawyer so I would have the POA paper.That cost me 3,000 dollars.The judge awarded me guardianship. I have a large home with plenty of room and he is improving a whole lot.This place don,t want to let him go.Since a judge awarded my son to me can I just take him out of there?

Mayra Arias says:

My goal in my career to do organization event to help others clients with T.B, I

high5en says:

He seems like really great guy!

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