Finding Joy With Daisy, a Girl with Hemiparesis

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Daisy has hemiparesis. She had much on one side of her brain removed to manage severe seizures. Yet she is highly functional and filled with joy.

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StaryClaris says:

My daughter has spastic diplegia CP (on legs) have been looking for a bicycle like this, where can I find one…thank you

Ryan Davies says:

Iam 1year poststrokeand hemi poetic,and this is truly humlbinggo daisy thank you for posting thi

Megan Mose says:

Are you her Physical therapist?

The Oasis says:

Hi Doctor
I am from India . My 7 year old nephew has hemiplegic cp, his left side brain is affected so he has problem in his right limbs. I want to know how much muscles stimulating machine is useful for him, because his physiotherapist gives him 20 20 minutes that machine sessions and then gives only 5 or 10 minutes for manual exercises which are just normal. Plz guide me, is this treatment is okay for him or should I do something more?

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