Fish oil and traumatic brain injury

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One family claims fish oil helped their son recover from a traumatic brain injury. CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.

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orion shoulders says:

The brain is made of fats not carbs I believe in this God bless those men

Vincent Abrego says:

I haven't scrolled the entire comments but I swear there's multiple flaws with this video.

Crystal Hughes says:

My 8 week old daughter suffered from Anoxic Brain injury. She was only in the NICU for two days before Doctors tried to push me into making a decision to take a brain dead test and 5 days later the same things. They said she would never recover and there was no hope. They gave her morphine on the third day of being in the hospital. I had to fight for her. Within 7 days she started to move and by the 12th day he open her eyes. She is now using a trach and g stube. Now I am trying medical treatment

Brian C says:

"from him all good things come"🙏

𝐽𝑎𝑞𝑢𝑒シ︎ says:

Entendi que desistiu de Ômega. Deus os abençoe.

Mac Willer says:

So in April 4 2020 I was in a motorcycle accident, severe tbi in a coma for 8 days, vocal cords paralysis, my voice is very "Breathy" right side weakness left side numbness. Eyes see double but prism glasses fixed That. I wonder would fish oils help now? Or is it too late?

Kalusugan aquasea says:

Diagnosed brain Chiari malformation now taking good omega3 balance oil liquid forms. Good omega3 can helps our brains now I have less dizziness, more energy and feeling healthier

Hank Moody says:

I bought vegan omega 3 6 9 pills. I'm going to try this. Blasting my brain with 14 pills everyday.

Jane Stephen says:

Please doctor Which is the best top fish oil to take.

?????? Loner says:

What's the name of the brand fish oil??

Iris Española says:

I had meningitis before and I think my brain was damaged by antibiotics and now I have a terrible memory and comprehension… Can I use fish oil to repair my brain?

Tracey Kerr says:

After suffering a brain injury in an MVA in 2005 I couldn’t talk, read, Speak without sounding like I had a massive stroke, impaired memory And damaged Valon centres in my brain as well as a broken vestibular which caused me to fall down anytime I will try to walk.Tears in my brain damage to the verbal processing and visual processing areas of brain. Developed endocrine disorder central diabetes insipidus and movement disorder called dystonia
I also had to have 13 surgeries after the accident for all the other injuries sustained.

I had done my PhD in Kinesiology/Expertise in Sport before that and 3 IronMan including the Iron Man world championships in Hawaii. I spent six years in bed 20 hours a day because my brain was just too overwhelmed to function. I was also a clinical dietitian and had been a brain researcher and neuroscientist to McMaster University for my first degree. So I started taking 9 g a day of fish oil and I was able to re-learn how to read talk,walk, run And be a mom again. I NEVER would’ve recovered without omega-3’s. And I later heard about Dr. Lewis and contacted him and we had a conversation about his work and this is true real science. Omega-3 can decrease the inflammation in the points to promote the healing for the
Neuroplasticity to occur.

After 11 years of treatment and high dose omega-3‘s and a very healthy diet I was able to run again and was blessed to be given the chance to do Mount Marathon and Alaska the hardest five came out and run in the world. I successfully and started and finished Something most people on earth would feel is impossible. When I was told two years in that I would never recover when I was still using a walker. Omega-3 therapy is hope. Hope that one day pain will end and life will begin again

theyetti90 says:

Back when CNN was decent. I miss you.

David Johnson says:

I bet the studies are still few on Omega 3 big voodoo pharma want drug poison, not natural substances repairing the body and brain.


Is it good for autism?

Melody Jordan says:

Thank you&God Bless!

Sapna Manola says:

it is usefull for spinal cord injury

brambus store says:

did you get a stroke….

Jennifer Stokley says:

I survived a fall & a severe TBI 10 1/2 years ago. I don't believe I would be as far along in my recovery as I am if not for the Omega 3 Fish Oil I have consumed every morning for 8+ years!

Andrew G says:

How much do you need to take? What if you have concussions 20 years ago and also suffered from c-ptsd for 40 years and very suicidal!

nzinga zindua says:

Any updates?

marina muratori says:

CNN did a report on it as well! there are others that have had the same results from high doses of omega 3! Do some research before you start making negative comments!

Ezekiel Morris says:

lol a brick has a glasgow coma score of three? So a brick can respond to stimuli and light? Dumbass

Lucy H says:

It does work! There's tons of studies. Get her some fish oil and try for yourself – might as well, right? If she got better, I bet she'd be glad she tried. Cant hurt.

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