Fixing Drop foot. Absolute BEST Option When It Wont Get Better

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: Fixing Drop foot. Absolute BEST Option When It Wont Get Better

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Michael Morien says:

Is this better than a dictus band? Offer more support?

Nicholas dunn says:

My 14 yr old daughter is experiencing drop foot should we see at Doctor Asap

M JDP says:

I had a stroke on February 17, 2022. I have used the Saebo brace on my left foot for approximately two months. You may need assistance with the initial setup, but it is easy to put on. This brace works best for someone with an active lifestyle and you don't have balancing issues. It feels more natural because nothing is inserted inside your shoe. If you have issues with your ankle rolling in or out, I would recommend a more stable AFO like the plastic brace in the video. I also have a carbon fiber AFO that I alternate with my Sabeo brace.

The only issue I have with my Saebo brace is that the brace will slide down my ankle with my sock throughout my day because I have skinny ankles. The strings that pulls my toes up will also loosen when the brace slides down my ankle. Therefore, I have to tightened it repeatedly to raise my toes enough to clear the ground when I walk.

Jess Backbay says:

Hi Guys!! Help! Just got the SaeboStep and for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to secure that TEENY TINY TEENY eyelet screw – NO bolts included, just a washier – made by and for miniature people who have Eagle like eyesight. And voila! A miniature Allen wrench made by the masochists from Ikea also included. PLEASE, HOW DID YOU SECURE IT? Please Please make a short video on how to do that. Thank you so much. You videos are wonderful and I would so appreciate your help – I have bad Foot Drop and I need that Saebo Step! 🥰🥰🥰 I am a subscriber. Thanks for everything.

Belle Serra says:

Multiple sclerosis is also one of the causes of foot drop. It sucks 😔

Emily Daniel says:

Where can I order this brace with eye lets for ur shoes

gloria walsh says:

How often do you have to change the straps

Zak Kohler says:

Found video doing KT tape for foot drop after searching "KT tape dorsiflexion" which I was prompted to search after watching your video about dorsiflexion nighttime brace for plantar fasciitis. It doesn't get the toe but man easy. It's the exact opposite of the normal taping that you recommend for PF but makes way more sense to me.

Loaf the III says:

I just kicked football and at one point i kicked the ball on the foots nerve right in the curve of the foot. Pls jus tell me that i can fix this

Gillian Finnerty says:

thanks, based on this video i have ordered this, will be nice to be able to wear shoes other than trainers if i can punch holes in them!

jose flores says:

Great video, I just developed drop foot. Do you know if you can run with this device? Thank you!

shawn bray says:

I was flaccid at first. But I’ve improved a lot since 2015 when I got it. But I still need to continue and improve. I got a TBI and that took away from my left foot. For some reason

Tracy j says:

Thank you for sharing …I have the worst foot drop I have had all three splints …the cuff one don't help your so right if you have little movement 12 years after my foot drop developed I now have a carbon fibre splint which gives a bit more stability for me ..but could you tell me as you seem well informed…I still catch my foot .and also why do some people lose there balance with foot drop my one developed from a disc that broke and herniated and came out ..and I had decompression surgery to realise the pressure and remove the broken disc….but I lose my balance alot always going to the left side same side as foot drop …any suggestions why this happens

Maria Winters says:

can you run with this on?

Virginia Sc says:

Por qué dice subtítulos en castellano y no hay ninguna traducción? Son temas importantes para muchas personas. Estoy hace casi un año esperando recuperar el pie luego de una caída. Por qué la rodilla se va hacia adelante? Es un problema del isquiático?

Robert Lamb says:

I may need a foot brace but damn, I don't want to fashion that forever. How much do they cost? I don't have health ins.

Jessica Rampley says:

Hello! I was in a coma for 4 weeks and bedridden for 8 months..with a year of physical therapy I was able to get back on my feet..I still have drop foot in my left foot..even after 3-4 years of physical therapy. Do y’all think that these exercises can repair my drop foot or is there possible permanent nerve damage?

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