Flooding – Becoming Overwhelmed After Brain Injury

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Welcome to the Northern Brain Injury Association’s webcast on ‘flooding’, created to help you assist survivors of brain injury who are experiencing flooding by teaching them to identify their triggers, control their exposure and manage their anxiety. For more webcasts on issues faced by survivors of brain injury, visit www.nbia.ca

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Jenneka B says:

How long would it take to ho over

Dan Hughes says:

Have severe brain injury…I had 4 strokes 2007.. 6 years later I got meningitis brain swel

Linda Harrison says:

Thank you for naming what I have been experiencing since my second coma in 2013 and maybe to a lesser extent since the first coma in 2009. It has been impossible to explain my inner experience to my family in a way they, and even that I can understand but you have done it here, I am so thankful!

Like Chalk And Cheese says:

Thank you 😊

Dinah Howland says:

Thank you so much for this. I had no idea, just thought I wasn't coping well 2 years after a SAH brain anuerysm thingy. I wept while watching this but now I have a little more understanding and forgiveness to myself.

Linda Burks says:

Getting Upset, Yelling & Screaming

Emma Carter says:

After almost 6 years worth of doctors, this 9 minute YouTube video has given me more insight into my TBI than anything else. This video validates so much I have questioned about myself and even gives this symptom a name… Flooding! Putting a name to a symptom is a powerful thing.

Thank you for giving me the reassurance to be more confident in myself!

fashun puss says:

You'd think a clip on "flooding" would have a calmer voice and less writing.

M CJS says:

This is the first time I have seen a proper description of how it feels. When I try to explain it to medical professionals they always imply that it's anxiety. IT'S NOT. Thank you. I agree with other comments that say this should be directed to the survivor. When I have flooding I have to cover my eyes and rest for 15 minutes. I try to rest periodically BEFORE I get flooded, because once I am ill, it can take four hours to recover.
I have been advised by a hearing therapist NOT to use earplugs as it can make you more sensitive to noise.

dormantsuperhero says:

Had a cavernoma that bled 13 years ago, the medical people were mostly useless, and told me I'd be fine, just live with it.
I have fatigue and now I understand this flooding, when little things become overwhelming and my brain just says 'enough' I close down, I need to be away from where I am and who I'm.with, people dont understand because you look alright, they look for the scars because you obviously had your head opened up right? No scars so you must be a fraud. I'm done with people, I havnt had support in all those years and im only just becoming aware as to full scale of what I've been dealing with, a little bit at a time as I dont process or retain information that well anymore.
But I'm here, so I guess it could have been worse.
Animals are better company than people mostly.
We are survivors, so we must fight on cherish those that understand, stuff the rest of them.

Emma William says:

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douglas owen says:

thank you so much, you just described my world.

Lealea Kelsey says:

This is very helpful and validating. Now if I can just remember this stuff.

another swan says:

Thank you so much. I survived a haemorrhagic stroke during lockdown and didn't understand why I was feeling so bad on certain days. Now I do. Thank you

Thomas Hughes says:

? Why do Psychiatrists intentionally induce brain damage with toxic drugs? This is EXACTLY the scenario I hear over and over again from people who have been exposed to ant-psychotic drugs. Sometimes, it's WHY they suicide. Family and Cops who find the notes KNOW I'm telling the truth. Defund court ordered drugging. It's a debauchery of the highest magnitude.

MaxiMum Mark says:

Fell 4 feet on the back if my head 4 years ago never have felt the same and I hate myself now

Mari E. Kiuru says:

Great information for autoimmune encephalitis patients and caregivers. This is exactly what happens when the disease is active and also in recovery phase. This video offers words and understanding for situations and feelings otherwise hard to explain.

Elena Nichol says:

It is interesting that you talk about survivors, but not to them. this is very helpful for family and supportive friends. Do you have resources that talk TO the survivors?

David Soto says:

This happens to me too.

EEEMUS says:

Great video thank you~~|!

pantyflash says:

Like, even though their brains are hosed, you give them hope. Way to go, babes!

Javed Khalid says:

Thank you for an ellaborative account on flooding for brain injury patients.
Does brain injury covers procedures for removal of tumour s?

Troy Trades says:

The way you are treated afterwards is worse than the injury itself at times…

Mary-Anne Meginess says:

Fantastic. Thanks so much

Kathy Patzer says:

it will be 5 years next month since my stroke….I thought I had no right to complain because I am able to talk & Walk & I Look Normal…..but inside I was going crazy and I felt like I didn't have a right to complain because their are so many Stroke Survivors who have it worse than I do! Inside my mind I think my life is over & I am so scared to tell anyone because I don't know what they would think of me….or the words " Don't Be Silly " will come out

Adam Aant says:

Its been 30 years. Most people don't understand.

Steven Gates says:

I have tbi….my family would not agree with the changes….they refused to give in ,and help me….so I lived on the street for about 22 years…..now I'm looking after them because they are somewhat rich and need help in their old age…..because of them all of my insurance money was stolen….now I am as I said looking after them on their beautiful horse farm…they are such assholes,but I will not treat them like they treated me….I will not get them looked up in a home…..what a trip…..there a lot more to the story,like they refused to agree with the meds. That were good for me….the media herd my story 20 years after it happened and embarrassed them over social media,including my two rich brothers…yes I went from shelter to shelter,for 20some years,and my family just let it happen….I got lied about 3 times to the police and was charged three times for things I did not do….payback is going to be something else…! I don't like this human life…..people are nasty….I like animals….love Steve…

B - says:

This is fantastic. His explanations are on point.

Michelle Fuerst says:

I have experienced this many times after having my 4th concussion about 6 yrs ago.  It's nice to see there is an actual temr for it and an explanation.  I agree with most of this video except for the part of doing something relaxing like go work on a computer etc…most TBI's concussion/PCS patients have increased symptoms from staring at computers phones etc it exacerbates symptoms.

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