Focus on Left Hand In OT After Right Sided Brain Injury

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Zach also needed significant Occupational Therapy. While the distinction between OT and PT can be blurred, the essential difference is that the occupational therapist takes the recovering muscles and body systems and focuses therapies on doing specific tasks, the occupation or application of those muscles. The occupational therapist also focuses more on the activities of daily living (ADL’s) and also on assistive devices.

As Zach suffered a severe injury to the right rear of his brain as a result of the swelling and hematoma in that area, most of his physical deficits were on his left side. In OT, the focus was primarily on the left hand.

But one thing that I remember was to put these little Christmas lights in this thick putty – then try to get that out with your left hand. It was so hard though I’d do it and then I would get them all out. My hand would be, my arm, my forearm, my hand would be on fire and I was arghh! It hurt so much, but then it’s good, it means the nerves are coming back I guess.

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Any other OT exercises work well for you? I had a TBI and am struggling to open my left hand as well. Please let me know, reach out at Your video was inspirational. Thanks.

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