Foot Drop: Exercise to Improve Walking Part 2

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This is the second video in a 2 part series on how to improve foot drop with practical exercises that are easy to follow. You will also learn some other treatments to help improve your walking and your safety and reduce your fear of falling. This is the perfect exercise for those who have foot drop due to a stroke, brain injury, or a peripheral nerve injury

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Foot drop shoe attachment (strap):
Foot drop brace (posterior leaf splint):

Learn more about spasticity to make sure this is not the issue that you are dealing with, here:

Learn more leg exercises here:

Learn more about our stroke program:

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Bruce & Karen Harvey says:


amandaloyevaar says:

Thanks. So helpful!

Lee Blevins says:

Too much of you trying to be the start of the video and not enough real information.

Dan says:

Like it I like your videos so helpful I need to activate my left arm I've had a stroke that almost killed me leaving me paralyze on my entire leftplease help me you're very knowledgeable tink for all you do you're so dedicated

birdie0021 says:

Finally someone (you) has addressed MILD spasticity (me) PSCI) 20 years out. I swing my leg out to compensate, but want to retrain my brain-muscles to walk right. I have had to buy many new shoes because the toe-sole area has worn through to my sock on the left side…LOL Thanks for your videos. #footdrop, #mild spasticity I think I did that right?!?

Milton Mayes says:

Love this lady❤🙏

Sheila Schaeffer-Hirsh says:

#foot drop. Thanks for good exercises & motivation

Rt Sxm says:

Very helpful…

Lynn Belcher says:

# Foot drop

Lynn Belcher says:

Will those walking devices cause you to have seizures Dr?

Lynn Belcher says:

There should be 1 Million yous. We sooo Love you Dr

babs tankersley says:

I have powerdot with 3 electrodes to place. Any suggestions for placement in this case?

RENATA Ohanjanyan says:

Hi! Thank u for video.)
Could I ask u. After ecsostosis sergery can we use electo stimulation? Does it won't hurt??)

Connie Pike says:

Severe nerve during spinal surgery. Have somewhat a drop foot

burrann says:

thanks a lot!

blueSkyYellow says:

I got my foot drop from having 6 his replacements. I hope these excises work for me. Thank you.

Deanersbeaners says:

# foot drop

Larry Oexner says:

Like “Foot drop” video

carlos martinez says:

"Foot drop" please help

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