Foot Drop: Exercises to improve walking part 1

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This is the first part of a 2 part series on the treatment for foot drop. This video demonstrates exercises to strength the muscles on the front of the leg that are responsible for lifting the foot. This is a good place to start if you are someone who is catching your foot on the ground or notice that you have an abnormal walking pattern. Strengthening this area will also improve safety, build walking confidence and improve your overall independence.

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Rehab HQ says:

Hey guys, currently putting together a complete guide to foot drop. That will give you a 3 month plan. I would love to know your questions so that I can make sure to include the answers in the manual. Comment comment comment!! 🙏👇

Latosha Tyler says:

#footdrop I do have true foot drop. Definitely going to try these exercises. Thank you. I'm looking forward to watching part 2

Adrian Dziubanek says:

thank you so much #foot drop

Nigar Ahmadova says:

I think I have the problem that you mentioned here mild spacticity in my foot. That is why my leg is rotating around when I walk. #footdrop

Lee Blevins says:

Too much talk and not enough clear direction

Hot4chows says:

#footdrop 👍🏻 very good and detailed video of the exercises and what foot drop is. Thank you for doing this video

Mannepalle Mohan Rao says:

Very useful and thanks! 🙏🙏🙏

Sean Rowe says:

Well I have Foot Drop and muscle neuropathy!! And my life has been literally DESTROYED because of this BS !! Nothing will fix dead nerves!

Ronald Santos says:

Does this work even when the foot is completely flacid because of nerve damage?

Dani Dani says:

Hi Dr. Tara. Just find your work, your videos and I found it very interesting. I am a patient, for years, I was and am an active person but I had few injures which unfortunately enhanced each other: ankle sprain, fall hard on one knee and a doctor gave my an injection in the knee which I suspect did bad, right hip became too loaded after the knee injury, the lumbar spine but also thoracic and cervical are not happy, right shoulder rotation inward, I feel right side weaker. I suspect that my right shoulder rotation and heaviness is guilty for the cervical problem. More than that, talking about the foot but also the rest of the behaviors, the problems are asymmetrical, while my right foot (sprained one) is falling outside, the not injured one is falling inside, when looking at them while on the bed. I am convinced that I am using a lot of abnormal synergy instead of the normal chains. I am sure that my problem is not foot drop. After an ankle sprain 13 years ago, without rehab, I would say that my problem is that I can not dissociate between ankle and the hip rotation, the knee looks internally rotated, my foot is externally rotated (the femur and tibia are rotated in opposite directions) but when the weight of my body drops on the foot the tibia rotates or the arch drops, the femur rotates internally and the arch (heel-big toe) drops. So, during the gait cycle the hip is overextend, I can not push with the foot on the ground (I feel like I do not have the force to do that), I "propagate" forward with the help of my right hip and that hurts. (Constant pain in the gluteus medium region.) Also I have the sensation that is heavy to lift this right leg (probably weak QF) and to move the leg I throw my leg extended, like a pendulum, movement that I think creates to much tension in the hip ligaments that connects the right and the left side of the hip (thing that gave me few days of extreme pain). When the internally rotated foot is the standing foot probably I skip some important parts of the gait cycle, I quickly shift the weight on the other leg. Even when sitting on a chair I feel rotated with the hip towards the weak side and this rotation from the hip determines the shoulder of the weak side towards the good side – the hip and shoulder rotates in opposite directions – in consequence, in this torsion, there is an asymmetric concentric contractions in abdominal muscles which makes even breathing different the left and right side of the thoracic cavity. I studied physics but some time ago I started to learn about muscles, movement, also I started to pay attention to my body since I could not find good rehab in my country.
So, what to do to dissociate between ankle and knee, or probably correctly said, when I externally rotate my hip how can I train to keep the foot on the ground, because know the foot lifts immediately from the ground and I get a high arch? I suspect that the other leg has tight externally rotators and because of that the hip rotates toward the internally rotated leg. How to properly train the externally rotators of the weak side which rotates internally? I did a lot of study and work for the spine but I feel that without fixing the foot problem I can not fix anything. Thank you.

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