Foot Drop Peroneal Nerve Injury – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

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Dr. Ebraheim’s educational animated video describes the condition of peroneal nerve injury – foot drop.

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Kayiwa Elly says:

Is there any treatment coz iam also suffering from the same problem

Tushar Mittal says:

I was facing probem learning it but now it's crystal clear

prashant kannaujiya says:

My father facing same problem last 6 to 7 year in both leg could please suggest medicine and therepy .

Mr_ Nazeef_46 says:

Yes sir I have like please help form India ,sultan, sir

Reza Daneshgar says:

I had trouble dropping, and especially difficulty moving my left toes up and slightly down, so I had surgery on three of my lumbar discs on the advice of doctors.
But now, 45 days after my surgery, the problem of my left toes not moving has not been resolved.
Where does the problem come from and what is the problem?
Am I being treated?
I am very sad and sad because of this problem that has happened to me.

Adele says:

I have had 1 cervical disectomy & lumber L4 &5 disectomy L5 S1 operated on twice & L4 & L5 Laminectomy. I have terrible numbness down my left leg & into my foot. I now have stenosis. My issue is my walking is terrible. I have drop foot but not confirmed! Why is my numbness worsening, my last MRI scan was 2019. Showing 2 bulging discs but not serious enough to operate on! Obviously I’ve no claudi equina but I only feel like urinating after 9 to 12 hours later! Is this a concern

Samantha Ramirez says:

Very helpful doc, you da best!

eman ramadan says:

دكتور بعد اذنك حضرتك مش بتيجي مصر ؟


MEU amigo cadê À LEGENDA

Tim McKinney says:

I have this and it sucks. I had a Herniated Disc at L5. Due to Covid they could not do surgery and mine went too long. Now I have permanent drop foot and numbness. Get chronic hip and back pain.

Tanvir Time's says:

Thank you Teacher

Miriam Ortiz says:

This is a great video Doctor. I am very grateful that you post this video. It has clarified so much information on my bilateral foot drop. Thank you 🙏🏼

Anna Brown says:


Larry Minkins says:

I have that..i need surgery..HELP ME PLEASE.

Rafael Urdaneta C. Subway says:

What is your experience with Covid neuropathy?

susan moore says:

I fell and had a pelvic fracture a year ago. I started having a foot drop issue almost a year later. Would this be connected and the cause of my foot drop after this long of a time?

Sudha Chauhan Galaxy says:

Thank u so very much Doctor for providing us a very useful information about Foot Drop as i'hv the same problem and I'm facing it from more than 11 yrs.

Towasen Walling says:

I have this problem in left foot and walking difficult I a m doing exercise and therapy for one year please advise for better treatment

BlueCheeseNoFleas says:

allah bless you for your videos Dr ebraheim your videos got me through med school almost 10 years ago and are now helping me
as a doctor

Ankit Yadav says:

Dono pairo me hai sir kya kare

TGP says:

When you cut your foot open, and you learn to cut this nerve smh

TonyFitness Motivation says:

I had lapiplasty surgery and now my big toe can no longer plantarlfex. I also have limited dorsiflexion. Could it be damage to my perineal nerve?

Southern Scenery says:

Thank you. This helped
me so much.

T P says:

Hi, so foot drop, is that a common fibular nerve injury or is it a deep fibular nerve injury? I have a final, thanks! Great video!

Dr Vivek Ambedkar - Cuttis Plastic Surgery Center says:

Which procudre you are doing , I am doing tendon transfer surgery

e yew says:

After my son kicked the soccer ball he had a drop foot symptom, went to the emergency room, thankfully after 7 to 8 hours later he became able to lift his foot again and walk much better .. is there anyone who have had this happened to them.. it was very scary several hours

russ Gamama says:

I was recently burned in a fire with 25% of my body burned then on my first week of treatment I fell asleep wrong on my left side because that was the only side not burned and somehow cut the blood circulation off on my entire calf muscle and foot now have no feeling and can stand in toes

Tim Holloway says:

I have this in my right foot with numbness as well as some numbness in my left foot, I have terrible low back pain for years now. I hope mine can be corrected because I am having trouble walking and I keep rolling my ankles also.

Earl FitzGerald says:

Very helpful…everything now makes sense.

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