Foot Drop Test: How to Diagnose Peroneal Nerve Injury at Home in 5 Easy Steps

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Wondering if you have a peroneal nerve injury? Commonly called foot drop, this abnormal gait happens when the muscles that help you hold up your foot become weakened or damaged. These 5 easy, at home exercises will help you diagnose your symptoms to test for drop foot fast!

Foot drop, also known as drop foot, refers to difficulty lifting the front part of your foot.

The most common symptoms of foot drop include:
Dragging or scraping of your foot and toes across the ground as you walk.
A high steppage gait, raising your thigh as you walk, to prevent your toes from catching the ground
An inability to raise your foot at the ankle
Numbness along the top of your foot or toes

Foot drop is usually diagnosed during a physical exam. Your doctor will watch you walk and check your leg muscles for weakness. He or she may also check for numbness on your shin and on the top of your foot and toes.

However, there are a few simple tests you can do in the comfort of your own home to check for foot drop.

5 Simple Steps to Test for Foot Drop:
Try walking on your heels.
Ask yourself if you have trouble using the foot pedal while driving.
Run up the stairs as fast as you can.
Stand at the bottom of a staircase. Jump to the next step, landing on both feet at the same time.
Balance on one foot.

If you can perform all of these routines, regardless of clumsiness or fatigue, then foot drop you likely do not have foot drop.

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Leigh’s Hobbies says:

If you nosedive towards the floor going either up or down the stairs. ….you have foot drop. 🧐

Tijl Trienen says:

What is the chance that this is caused by ms?

jaysonnn says:

yea stair jumping

John Goh says:

BraceAbility, you are using a young man to demonstrate the 5 exercises. I am 85 years old who suffers a right footdrop for more than 35 years after an operation on the Lumbar L4L5 following a nasty car accident. As a all round sportsman and an army officer I did everything I could even acupuncture and massage but I could not even lift one cm of my footdrop from the front. So how could I follow the 5 exercises like the young man model? Can you advise, thank you.

Jerry P says:

could foot drop be cured by medication and therapy?

Black Cat Brewz says:

I don’t know if I have this. I can lift my foot up easy and I don’t have any problem moving around really. But last night I was sitting on the floor for multiple hours and then when I went to bed I noticed the top inside of my foot was numb along my big toe and up toward my ankle…. It’s been a day and it’s still numb. If I scratch or pinch the skin I can feel it but there is still a numb sensation. I can feel the rest of my foot fine.

pratibha kushwaha says:

Help me please

#1Relaxation soothing sounds says:

Well I see I'm not the only person living with this I am 35 at 17 I was diagnosed with multiple slcerosis I noticed I would have a flare up every 6 years but after I lost my mother May 13 2021 I now lost my ability to walk I can but barely I think I have drop foot in both feet when I walk they both drag & I feel like I look like a donkey trying to walk this is so embarrassing for me but ive been like this for 8 months now & I realize that maybe this is my new norm

Alicia Nicole says:


ComicBook Guy says:

YOu sold me a piece of SHITTTTT

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