Foot drop treatment options (braces and surgery)

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This video covers how foot drop is generally treated, depending on the causes. It covers foot splints / ankle orthosis in greater detail, mechanical splints, neuro-stimulating devices, implant surgery, tendon transfer surgery, Achilles lengthening, neurolysis, nerve grafting.

The webpages shown in the video can also be accessed here and were current as of 04/06/2016:

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Sharmin’s World says:

Sir my mum have foot drop from 8- 9 months now can this be cured by surgery? Her doctor said it’s too late for the surgery. can you please kindly reply to my comment that will be so much helpful.

Sharmin’s World says:

Sir my mum have foot drop seen last 8-9 months can this be cured? One of her doctor said it’s too late for the surgery. Please reply to my comment

Vishnu says:

Sir, can chronic ankle laxity cause foot drop?

Satu Rahman says:

I know about footwear! I have tibial muscular dystrophy. It is a genetic disease here in Finland.

Tri-A Plus 1 Spot says:

Hai Doc. I have my Footdrop for almost 2 years, Do I have a chance to return it to normal? Does Posterior splint can manage to cure it?

Bb Cala says:

I obtained a foot drop from a bad doctor doing a nerve block. It should of never been done. Splints and braces are not the answer. It's not a total drop but, anyone reading this. Go to Jones Hopkins Baltimore, there one of the most technologically hospital's out there for nerves. Start with the nerves then go for simple braces not braces, been there. A waste of money. Thinking about surgery but going to John Hopkins

ܝܘܣܦ says:

If the nerve is compressed, how long does it take an avarage 19 year old to grow it back?

J.T. says:

Can someone please Reccomend a Doctor in the Philadelphia PA area for this? Also, does this doctor do consults via Skype? Thank you

Salccc1 says:

Drop foot is caused by sciatica and loss of blood flow to the foot,i injured my back in July2017 I have no feeling in my left foot since Nov2017 is it possible that this can cause problems in your thigh like numbness form lack of blood flow can this foot paralysis work it’s way up my leg and cause pain and hip pain.

walking off on stroke huggins says:

Hi thank you for sharing , may i please have your email , i have foot drop and need your help please .

Alex Balea says:

Thz for sharing

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