Foot drop with inversion

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Dynamic Taping to resist plantar flexion and pronation (i.e. to pull into dorsiflexion/inversion) to improve function in the case of foot drop.

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Blasian Goddess TM says:

Will a Kinetic tape work?

Allan Howarth says:

This is awesome. I've been taping for 5 years and never found this video until now. I have left side weakness (similar to a stroke) after brain surgery to remove a grade 4 AVM.. The challenge for me is working out how to do this with one hand.

khalid rashid says:

Is this available in pakistan

Mas 1 says:

I have problems (allergy) with regular medical tapes such as Band-Aids ect. Does the Discovery Tape and spray adhesive cause this reaction also?

Deepak Natu says:

Do try on real patients …..the patients without footdrop obviously show superfine results……just waste of time

María Ayala says:

nohay estos videosenespañol??????

Michael Gravoso says:

Is this available in the Philippines?

shashank singh says:

Is this not available in India

Shakuntala Nayak says:

Sir good afternoon . How I will get this tape .Tell me the name of the tape.I am also a paralysis patient.I am suffering from foot drops from Sept.2015.I can not walk now.

fairos cm ACTIVE says:

Sir, How to by the product?

HARSH says:

Great sir ji nice information
I am from India thanks a lot of

L Zastrow says:

I had this one of the question in my NCLEX-RN exam. I’m glad I got it right by just watching this video. 😍.

MD ROHAN says:

The problem of my foot drop will tell me the solution for the problem.

swami nath says:

Hi sir hw r from India Hyderabad..I've completed my DT level 1 from Dr.gopa Kumar

pass iton says:

Amazing stuff!

Maceo Hopkins says:

What is the spray?

unique channel says:

Pls give ur contact I'm from pak

unique channel says:

My daughter is ten years but two years later she could not walk without bracels I don't know what is foot drop or ms

Kellie Norman says:

Is this how you would tape a pronated ankle? Mine is causing tarsal tunnel syndrome. I’m constantly in pain. I need some relief

Assassin Fraley says:

My 6 month old has mild talipes and foot drop.. his foot turns inwards, as if he'd stand on his ankle. How would you tape his foot?

Goddess Love says:

I have CMT1A, lower spine protrusion and diabetic Peripheral neuropathy with foot drop. Is taping known to be pretty effective with these conditions to help my balance.

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