Former NHL player Daniel Carcillo discusses head trauma and treatment | The Players' Tribune

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“You can take my name off the Stanley Cup twice over. I can’t live like that anymore.”

Former NHL player Daniel Carcillo would have walked away from hockey if he knew of the damage he was doing to his brain.

His focus now is on improving his mental health and helping others avoid a similar fate.

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I Crane I says:

I can’t remember most of my life, to me it’s normal now but i know it’s not the way my family and friends can recall so many events.

I Crane I says:

I played hockey my whole life, can’t remember much, I’ve been slurring my words the past 2 years. I’m confident i have CTE. I’m terrified. I’m 21, the average life expectancy is 51. I’m very scared and feel very alone since there’s no way to diagnose this disease until after death no one will truly know/care until it’s too late.

Lisa Handley says:


Lisa Handley says:


Lisa Handley says:


Lisa Handley says:


Lisa Handley says:


Lisa Handley says:

I have hope. I know it exists. I can hang on.

Lisa Handley says:

If I could stop helping other people and focus on myself I wouldn't have a family member after me standing in the way of my completion of something which I will complete but I'm just not sure how because jail is so not an option for me. It makes me angry and sad that at 48 years old anyone has the right to take my freedom and what peace I have now thank God away from me and now I know my life's purpose. The pain derived from people and their assumptions is immense.

Lisa Handley says:

HOLY SHIT. ME TOO. First, I will ( post accident ) stand up for any injustice, and I am not playing. It hurts me to see people hurt . I will not watch a person mistreat another person, literally.. I don't care who, what…I can't stop myself. The worst is saying something to a MOM or DAD ABOUT HOW THEY ARE SPEAKING TO A CHILD. People's advise to me is just don't say it and my eyes roll and stick in the back of my head. If I could I would!!!!;;; I couldn't shower , brush my teeth, clean my surroundings, support myself. I humiliated me, and there's no physical reason I couldn't get up and do these things and I hated myself so much for it , and had no explanation of why. I've spent weeks in bed. I have I have left things I love out in the rain because I couldn't make myself go get them. I WAS NOTHING LIKE THAT BEFORE TBI. IT LITERALLY CHANGED EVERYTHING. Everything. I had relentless insomnia for a straight year. Nothing would make me sleep. Everything was so heavy. Self ruminating self hate thoughts that never stopped BUT still could not get up and pull it together for anything. I turned 369% and it wasn't my choice, nor did I or my family like this new person and the kicker is people and their opinions/ judgement/ assumptions. Drs that don't listen. I'm alive because I took control over what medications I was and will be on. I smoked marijuana a good bit and took all of the mental health drugs and all they did was keep me alive with some outlandish side effects. Because my family and I didn't know right away that I had TBI , I thought I morphed into a piece of shit, as did my family. I did!!! I treat people with a genuine deep love and I'm stupidly honest. Oh, Im because bipolar after the accident. Manic hyper off the chain can not shut up. Then suicidal and thinking you will never come out of this one. Meds do keep you alive. My family thought I got fired from pharmaceutical sales because I was using drugs. I 100% understand. That is the intelligent assumption but dear God y'all think WEED is responsible for THIS??? You think I would let POT do this to me. Are you fing kidding me??????????????? They don't associate with "dope heads" and my actions, mania, impulsivity, bad decision making , …… constantly humiliated 24/7. My mouth now is its own entity….. WEED!!!!!???? I lost them and we were very very close and there were nieces and nephews involved that I

Adam Healey says:

Daniel Carcillo is a hypocrite who spent he’s time in the NHL targeting other players, the best thing that could happen to Carcillo is to go bankrupt and work a regular job like the rest of us to realize how good he had it in the NHL. Every NHL player knows what they sign up for one bad hit could leave you with a concussion or paralyzed the same with a police officer or firefighter they may not come home from work or see something messed up and get PTSD. Carcillo if you didn’t want to play in the NHL and accept the risks you should of got an office job somebody else will gladly take an NHL gig !

King Linus says:

Ya they need better treatment for brain injury. Its sad what nhl is doing.. especially to what they did to Kyle Beach. The abuse needs stop in all forms.

King Linus says:

Concussions are pretty bad but if have past traumatic event it can also screw up your brain too..

Katera Rain says:

As someone trying to heal from a concussion, I hate the editing on this.

Mickey Ring says:

Fuck the money , I’d sooner have my health .

AshtrayAnnie says:

Just remember….this is the same idiot people are feeling sorry for now. Talk about a sociopath. You can't just change teams, bite the hand that feeds you, then blame all of your mistakes on them. This guy is the epitome of crazy. Falling for this guy's fake persona in order to make more money off of lawsuits and charities after his NHL days are over just shows how much of a POS he is. At least Biz, Whit, and many other guys make themselves useful extending their reach for the love of the game and the fans in a positive way when they realized their NHL careers were over. This guy just turned the bus around to drive it into the NHL HQ to start playing the blame game for being an airhead his whole career, and continuing with that mindset into retirement. Not being smart enough to figure out how to adapt after hockey without feeling sorry for himself for making millions of dollars from that very organization he has now turned his back on. If he feels so negativity towards them now, give all your NHL earnings towards charities. Clean your hands from that 'dirty' money.

Charles says:

I feel for any player going through this. It’s hard to take Carcillo seriously considering his record of cheap shots and injuring other players- however I wouldn’t wish brain damage on my worst enemy that’s tough.


This guy is a total loser biggest bully trouble maker ! Tell a short story this guy came to see one of his buddy's on the Barrie Colts around 2008 . Basically he thought my neighbour's van was Bryan little and he spit and bent the wind shield wipers up for no reason . When my neighbourgh went to go to work the next morning he noticed his van was damaged . Anti bullying guy alright he's a thug looking for a pay out hope the nhl treated you good you sicken me . Tell the truth Daniel your no better blame the bullys how about next time you don't allow your friend to pay for the damages ! Loser

Just Jules says:

The PNP Center in the DFW area does some amazing work with athletes

joked87isback says:

Loved Carci's hustle in Philly when he player for the Flyers but always thought of him as a goon. I have so much more respect for him now bc hes literally one of the only dudes speaking out on the real issuse these guys deal with off the ice and after retirement

Dominic Sabato says:

I was a kod never in any trouble, even afraid to smoke weed. I have been on skates since the age of 5. By 19 i had 6 diagnosed concussions then 2 more since. I am 33 now and have been to prison twice and county jail 6 times. I became addicted to opiates which led me to heroin. All after my concussions started. Somedays i stay in the dark room and cant even go to work it gets so bad. I have spasms in my legs and hands that are embarrassing. I watch these videos for hope. If ANYONE needs someone to talk to please please reply to this. I could use you just as much as you could use me.

Juss meet says:

I would have appreciated more simple edits in this video. I mean please consider that ppl with tbi's will come across this video and the flashy edits were not fun to sit through and have to just close my eyes till Daniel starts speaking

Justin Fendelet says:

i loved hockey but lost intense interest in it still follow but not like years ago….how many played decent levels got bell rung? i use to cry at 13 my head hurt so bad i had a shitty XL7 helmet the "cliff Ronning special shitty lid…..

LoveEquestria4evet says:


XR says:

its all about knowledge. All the leagues around the world are noticing this, and you need to punish the people that are doing the ugly hits hard so those wont happend again, beacuse you can't tell people not to play hockey, its like telling someone not to bicycle or smth. but you can teach them what the risks are and what not to do. all respect to this guy

JP Toutant says:

Day 1 he started playing like a one man mexican cartel. He went off script and is indeed a fucking pirate. I remember Carcillo as some type of axe murderer barking at entire benches, very 'into' what he advertised. fucking for sure these wall street journal nerds are gonna parade the tragedy of what happens next, for his well being lol. Carcillo is a legend somebody should buy him lunch and get the fuck out of his face.

Zac says:

Mountain biking ruined my life.
So far it's been 19.5 months of seeing no general improvement after doing many specialized treatments since my injury. Will I ever be able to work again? Will I ever get to put the skills that i learned in my University Degree to use and have the dream career I've always wanted? Will I ever get to do the things that I've always dreamed of doing and enjoy them without making myself worse??

Colin Gordon says:

Dan Carcillo, Derek Boogaard, and Brad May are my favorite players of all time. I’ve had 23 concussions and know I won’t make it very long. I’ll never have access to treatment like this, and will most likely suffer from a debilitating brain disease. I pray the education about brain health continues to reach people and change lives, before it’s too late. Keep spreading the knowledge.

Rowdies Hockey says:

Anyone here after the Paul Bissonnette incident?

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