Gait re-training after T.B.I. | Feat. Juliann Desjardins | No.121 | Physio REHAB

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Our Physio Juliann helping with gait-retraining for ataxia with patient Laya who has a chronic T.B.I. (Traumatic brain injury) affecting the cerebellum.

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Annmarie Mitchell says:

She's doing well! I have terrible problems walking unaided in open spaces since my concussion injury over a year ago!

S Mca says:

23yrs …I have had minor problems for one year…you are amazing

Susana Cardenas says:

Ella necesitaba estar sujeta usar un cinturón donde la sujetará y le diera estabilidad la terapeuta.

Lori Clark says:

isn't that ataxia

emily wannenburg says:

Well Done! That is hard work.

Hussain Abdulla says:

Amazing work

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