Hack Your Brain with Polyphasic Sleep

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Today I’m talking about my 2-month experiment sleeping only 5 hours a day with Polyphasic sleep

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@NoBoilerplate says:

– I should have mentioned i was weightlifting during this experiment, and found no change in my recovery, probably due to the fact I sit at my desk for 16 hours a day! 😂
– I stopped after 2 months because I had an injury that kept me in bed for a while. I was sad, but my sleep schedule had been fixed!
– Some folks asked "is it memory safe" which 1. is a solid pun, and 2. I think E2 is. I felt totally fine cognitively, I was still getting a solid 4:30 core sleep with my two siestas. I felt great!

@simpson6700 says:

I'm chronically ill and spend most of my day in bed. I really struggle to keep a "normal" sleep schedule, most of the time my body naturally want's to be in Everyman 1 mode. I thought this was a bad thing for the longest time.
Unless i have a bad month, then i sleep for most of the day.

@MegamanTheSecond says:

the whole genetic disposition is a myth we as humans are highly adaptable the idea our ancestors needed a genetic disposition to take only naps to get rem sleep is dumb so yea the cavemen just laid around for 8 hours while predator's and other tribes of humans could kill them from the past 5 years of light research into this subject i have learned
1. almost all humans can do uberman sleep the genetic disposition would be for 1 hour or less (yes it is possible ive done it in short burst 2 weeks max until i start having side effect and my diet has to PERFECT no cheat meals)
2. people say they would like something money, women, time but really that's all it is a want not a need so they put almost no effort into acquiring it
3. our diet has made us weaker completely our immune system our productivity and our sleep all suffer from high carb processed food diet ( which is made by the government's to sell more grain and have a strong economy because before as society can have extra people to become scientist and engineers that build modern society we had farmers the economy still to this day is heavily manipulated to favor farmers just look up government cheese and you will see) the average joe will most likely never become more than average because the steps required to have more money better relationships and more time require sacrifice and disciple soon i will be free completely and they will probably study me and say I'm a genetic outlier or whatever to convince people not to follow what i have done i will only teach what I've learned to my children and i hope someday just purely by capitalism rewarding higher performance and better ideas it spreads to the rest of your children

@yusufnakh says:

bad idea…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… maybe just nap once

@odopaisen2998 says:

man – is there any medical research backing anything you propagate??

@mierenmans881 says:

I'm keen on trying this. But on the other hand I wonder how good this will work for when you tend to party a lot on the weekends

@wasifahsan2718 says:

We medical students do that everyday due to immense pressure. And trust me, it doesn't feel great.

Not to mention it hurts memory consolidation, and you'd be better off with a monophasic / diphasic sleep to feel good and have better memory consolidation.

@bobthebuildest6828 says:

we truly live in a society

@ash_nor says:

Hey! I'd like to try this sleeping schedule, but the problem is that I really like concerts, and they usually end pretty late. Do you think it'll be doable if 2-3 times a week I break the schedule… Or if there's a way to adapt it somehow? I study in the evening (15:30-21) and school for example wouldn't be a problem, but the days that I go out I don't come back until 5-6 am. I also just remembered that I used to play DnD through discord with americans, and since we had a very different time zone I went to sleep at around 23, woke up around 2:30-3 to play with them and at 6-7 went to sleep again to wake up around 12-13. It was interesting, but I think it didn't work that well because of the 23-2:30 sleep, I felt really tired at 3 am. Anyways yeah, hope to find a way that works for me and thank you for your videos 🙂

@SuzanneU says:

Polyphasic sleep could well be my natural rhythm. I very seldom sleep 8 hours in a block. I sleep for a few hours, am awake for a couple of hours, sleep for a couple of hours, and – whenever I can – have a siesta. Over the last couple of weeks, I've been questioning the received wisdom of the solid 8 hours and reducing my fretting over my seeming inability to get that solid 8 hours.

@jawadisfunny9076 says:

Is it healthy?

@ianantonius7287 says:

I am going to try this starting tomorrow 3.30am. I have been sleeping badly recently and taking naps during the day anyway, so it will just be consciously using the otherwise lost time.

@darrishawks6033 says:

The 20 minutes every six hours thing was developed for people navigating when their boat would obviously go off course during sleep. Every study ever done on that kind of schedule has concluded it reduces cognitive ability. Long term sleep debt is also associated with high blood pressure and all cause mortality.

It is dangerous nonsense. There is absolutely no benefit for a healthy adult to do that schedule. Biphasic is fine. Triphasic is probably fine, idk. But that 20 minutes at a time schtick is absolutely worthless.

I tried this years ago btw lol

@atilkan says:

This is brutally false.

@plastiquemonk says:

Hello! I found the .png files for the 24 hour clocks you showed in the video through the github, but I'm curious how you made them and if they are flexible enough in their creation to map out a routine schedule.

@nihsumi says:

There has been so much published evidence showing the health benefits for 7+ hours of consecutive sleep it really makes this for special needs or unique situations in life.

@KamKamKamKam says:

Hey, thanks for the content.
Are you still sticking to it up to now?
Any update or new discovery after all those months?

@JaydenLawson says:

Why didn't you go back to it after your injury, if it was so good?

@overdrive8876 says:

I'm curious about the, long-term, physical impact that a lack of deep sleep will impose when doing long term, high nap-count, polyphasoc sleeps.

REM sleep is very important, but deep sleep is where the body does most organ and tissue reparations and is often overlooked.

@pmnt_ says:

The scary thing about E2 is … i almost adopted it on accident. My pitfall was the second nap, which was (1) later than optimal and (2) longer than optimal. I felt never truly awake and never tired enough to sleep.I tried to find some mono phase sleep cycle, but havent found one yet. I might as well try one proper polyphasic regime. I don't care too much about the productivity boost, I just want to sleep.

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