Hard to Know How to Find Help with Cognitive Issues After Brain Injury

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Kristi Kragthorpe knew she had cognitive issues after her brain injury but struggled to find the help she needed. Without support from her doctor she had to take matters in to her own hands, which wasn’t easy. She didn’t know where to look or what questions to ask, but she eventually found a program that has helped her make great strides.

Hear more from Kristi Kragthorpe about her life with brain injury (https://www.brainline.org/author/kristi-kragthorpe).

This video was produced thanks to generous support from the Infinite Hero Foundation (https://www.infinitehero.org/).

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Chevrolet. Zebra. Honesty.

Sofia Mitch says:

Does this help with the sandwich breath?

Martin Garcia says:

My question is about Second-impact Syndrome..
I've been just diagnosed with PCS. on the 23rd of June. I got in an accident totaled my car and unknowingly got a concussion later that evening I had borrowed my mom's car and according to the doctor I must of blacked out or something like that witch caused the 2nd accident and totaled her car took the airbag full force to the face I don't even remember calling 911 anyway, I guess I injured my brain twice in under 8 hours. I know I'm lucky to be alive I never lost consciousness after the impact of either of the accidents.. but, how is it that I could have PCS when it's been only about 3 days ago. Had 2 Ct scan ekg x-rays ect. and as the doctor put it "everything looks reassuring" I have almost all the symptoms.. the hardest is trying to express myself and processing information it take a little longer for me to do that now..oh,I do anger easier because I get so frustrated in myself I'm trying to understand what it that is wrong with me but, I'm having a difficulties in it. I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say because sometimes I don't.

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