Head Injuries 5, Primary brain injuries

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Michael John S says:

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James Williams says:

.May God bless Dr UROMI on YouTube for helping me to get rid of my herpes virus thanks again Dr uromi you can also message him on YouTube or message him on email druromi123@gmail.com..

Danny Mwanza says:

Dr John you good at explaining things for proper understand. I would like you to do a video on the limbic system of the brain

amita sagar says:

I love dr. jhon

Azhar Khan says:

Just awesome

Jessica A. says:

This is amazing. Thank you so much

Cavessa Via says:

Thank you for the great lesson!

Doha Abubakr says:

Amazing! Thank you simple and clear💓

Angelica Rivera says:

Thank you soooooo much! you are a great professor

sho chan says:

you saved my career 😂💞thank youuuuuu

Gunhammer says:

Question: What are your thoughts Dr. Campbell on the use of ketamine on a TBI patient that is combative in a pre-hospital setting. I know some say no due to causing ICP and there studies say it decreases ICP. I'm actually just starting your lectures on Head injuries.

Lake of fire says:

Excellent explanation

redsnakeintown says:

What kind of an injury be something with a chemotherapy drug like scare tissue developed in the brain after HDMTX treatment?

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