Head injury management | Head injury memory loss

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70% of deaths due to road traffic accident are because of a dangerous so we should not take head injury cases so lately. If a person comes to the doctor with the mild injury without loss of consciousness if he is conscious alert oriented then we can just observe them. If the patient is having severe persistent headache, vomiting, blurring of vision, deterioration in the level of sensorium, drowsiness if he develops fits develops also sometimes patient may develop weakness of limbs and then there will be an ongoing problem inside the brain like increasing size of epitomes those cases we should the observed properly and identify the problem immediately we should go for CT Scan in case of injuries to identify the problem otherwise the chances of losing the patient is very high. Again if patient is present to us even if patient is conscious alert oriented if there is a wound involving and if fracture is palpable in the skull we should investigate and immediately without wasting the time.
Memory loss is commonly seen in head injuries. The amount of memory loss in head injuries depends upon the severity of head injury, structure which involved and the age of the patient. In severity of head injury in case of concussive head injury there will be transient loss of consciousness and loss of memory also this is called an amnesia for events. In case of moderate and severe head injury memory loss will be more depending upon injury. Now in the structural damage to the brain if the injury involves damage to the frontal lobe, limbic lobe, hippocampus which are mainly involved in memory process then memory loss will be more. If patient is young the memory loss will be less if they are old then it will be more. In case of head injury the long term memory will preserved more than the short term memory. Long term memory is memory involved in your childhood this will be very strong and will not go off unless it is severe head injury. But even in moderate and mild head injuries we may loose the short term memory like recent things happened in the morning, what you have eaten today etc.

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Holistic Rhythm says:

Thank you so much for the info.Sir I wt to know if any one call loss memory of 10 years and get back to 10 years back memory due to just a slap on face or any shock of relationship breakup?? Please sir its too urgentπŸ™πŸ™

dilshan madushanka says:

Can i get help doctor πŸ˜”πŸ˜”my father injured and losse the memory ,,i have all reports everything ,can you give any advice doctor πŸ˜”πŸ™

Mithun Jadhav says:

Sir, how many day it take to recover in young person loss memory?

parikshit kamble says:

Hallo doctor…My mother loss memory after road accident, her age is 53….She forgot all relative names but she remember faces. Doctor said this happens due to swelling of brain, but now brain swelling is decrease slowly….. What should we do to getting normal as she live before.

Heroine Princess Swiftie says:

What can I do to help when I lost my memory while hitting my head too hard?

claire Agravante99 says:


Kannada what's app status says:

How much longer it takes to recover memory loss for 60yrs old sir please help

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