Head trauma

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✍️Dr. Matthew Harb talks about managing head trauma

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Dr. Matthew Harb specializes in minimally invasive, muscle sparing, hip and knee replacement surgery. Minimally invasive surgery allows patients to recover faster and have less pain post operatively. Implants are tailored and custom fit to each patient to allow for improved performance. Dr. Harb’s expertise in rapid recovery protocols allow for quick recovery after surgery and excellent outcomes in patients with hip and knee arthritis. With minimally invasive, muscle sparing surgery patients can return to their lifestyles and get back to doing the things they love sooner. Dr. Harb performs outpatient joint replacement surgery with many of his patients walking independently and going home the day of surgery.

“My focus is excellence in patient care, expedited recovery after surgery, and getting people back to the normal activities they love. Our team focused approach is committed to superb outcomes, improving lives, and returning patients to living pain free.”

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@destroyedgaga4947 says:

My classmate just had head trauma

@mumified6511 says:

The 2 sped kids fighting at the school dance for who gets to dance withe mop

@flameblood0 says:

What did you say?

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