How do concussions affect the brain?

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Neuroscientist Naznin Virji-Babul explains the science behind concussions and why they can be so dangerous.

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JetskiMarco says:

I've Been Getting My Head Beat In Since I've Bumped Heads On A Slip And Slide With Another Kid When I Was 8.Ive Had Alot Of Trouble Focusing And Being Mentally Stable At Times.This Woman Speaks Truth

Ian Cortel says:

Recently I had motor accident… By the way I am IAN MENDEZ CORTEL FROM PHILIPPINES… My diagnosis states. CRANIO CEREBRAL INJURY.. does its sound familiar?

AdoptMeFan Roblox says:

if feel like back to school again even tho its Friday Night

TRXP RFT says:

Guess all those headbutts I dashed out as a kid really did affect me😂

diornotwar2356 says:

How do you recover from brain trauma?

the Unrepentant says:

When I fended off an attack in an attempted home invasion robbery 24 years ago, my jaw was broken and numbness immediately spread from that point to the remainder of my face. According to a witness one of my assailants repeatedly pounded me on the head, although I felt nothing. My forehead remained greatly swollen when I was discharged from the hospital a few days later. Two days afterwards I winked out and in the blink of an eye the room changed from hot to cold and it was 12 hours later. My doctor said that I had experienced a seizure. For several months my concentration and short term memory were affected and I had difficulty remembering anything that occurred the previous day. Effect of the concussion or the anaesthetic? My long term memory was not affected and my short term memory gradually improved, as I concentrated on remembering events and because my days are spent engaging in mental activity doing work with a computer. Nevertheless, it took nearly two decades to regain a sharp memory. One lingering effect that remains: a sudden noise makes my body jolt or shudder with a start when previously this would be passed off as nothing more than a loud sound.

Harvey Holloway says:

In the herbal world we would start the use of Strauss heart drops to ensure clean circulation in the brain. We would also use anti scarring compounds to make sure healing is done to the most original condition, and finally we would go see a "Rolfer" a cranial chiropractor in short, and have him re-align the skull plates. This system worked well for me.

D. Grant says:

What about concussions that happened about 30-40 years ago? Is there anything that can be done? Symptoms never go away … Dr's just keep prescribing more and more pain pills.

Sam195 says:

Those microteres from concussions also happen when you drink, smoke or have a brain freeze eating ice cream they are just slower and less intense when you have a concussion say as an athlete or in a car accident. You do similar damage to your brian when you have undiagnosed sleep apnea.

Scorpio says:

Defund the CBC

4GUI4 says:

I must be all messed up. I started being beaten at the age of one by my crazy father, then I grew up and retaliated against everyone who tried to screw me up. I never thought twice about going out on the fist with anyone who dared to disrespect me. It was face to face nothing to be hiding on the keyboard behind any VPN as boys do today. Flock of sissies.

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