How Elite Athletes ACTUALLY Sleep

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What goes on in the secret recovery routines of elite athletes?
This is something I have always wondered about, so I went to the person known as “the man who taught Ronaldo how to sleep” for answers, what I found was surprising…

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Introduction – 00:00
The Problem – 01:36
Sleep Rhythm – 03:22
Tracking – 04:50
Wakefulness Promotion (6.30am) – 05:38
Recovery Period (2pm) – 07:26
Sleep Promotion (8pm) – 08:50
Sleep Environment (10pm) – 10:40
The Brutal Truth – 12:48

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Josh Brett says:

Thanks for watching!🙂

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Bouddou Taha says:

Believe me best video. Aver l hope to give as nother video about athletics and about the fact people ho want be Taller l mean height ho we can be Taller and God bless you bro

R says:

Does having a cat affect sleep? They are extremely active between 1 and 5am, if you know you know 😂

gabriel hernandez says:

Great video

tziirkq says:

I'm not an athlete. I've struggled with sleep my whole life. I'm tired constantly, even when I feel energetic, I feel like I could lie down and sleep, but it rarely comes. I lie in bed for hours, completely ruined, I just can't sleep. I've never woken up refreshed. I can't afford a sleep specialist. Sleep is definitely a luxury. I'm jealous of people who can sleep.

Will X says:

I’m going to be pro in boxing one day but I sleep 10 hours a day

koustab Borah says:

One of the worst video I have watched

sam the man says:

Who else stay up late to watch this

MatirJeux says:

Man made a trailer for sleep 👍😂

Alexander says:

Mate if you are going to talk about sleep you should talk about not eating before bed heavy meals. In general, the structure of the video needs improving. its very chaotic with missing information.

michaelmcilraith says:

I appreciate the effort that went into this. That said, this video feels like it says a lot, but doesn’t really provide much information. It briefly mentions a few ideas and immediately shoots most of them down. The thesis is that he is going to try to sleep like an elite athlete for 30 days, but doesn’t talk at all about the changes outside of saying that he took some supplements and now drinks a little less caffeine. The bit about the 2pm nap is interesting. Otherwise I don’t feel like I got much out of this. Would have been really interesting to see him try sleeping 12 hours a night in an altitude chamber for a month, which feels like what the premise promised.

??? says:

How do you sleep like an athlete?

Play like an athlete.


I follow Ronaldinho…😂

X-FBSportz says:

I sleep 24 hours a day

Victoria Montana says:

magnesium glycinate is absolutely amazing, even with a healthy diet its such a good supplement

Hamish says:

I watched this video at 2 am

toby benson says:

what a great video

JonathanM says:

Is it with their eyes closed in their luxurious homes with dreams of unlimited financial security? I bet that was the how in this video. Easy to sleep on millions of dollars flowing into your life year after year. It’s just so comforting.

tieursocks says:

me watching this at 2am knowing i’m riding my bike at 5😃

Truth Seeker says:

Everything has combinations in order for them to work. Sleep, diet, training regimes, mindset strenght, sunlight, the company you hang with

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