How is Mood Affected After Concussion??

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Hosted by Amy Zellmer of Faces of TBI
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In this episode, Shauna Hahn discusses mood disorders after concussion.

Shauna Hahn specializes in the treatment of post-brain injury psychiatric disorders and often lectures on this topic. Shauna is excited to bring her expertise to TMS at her beautiful destination clinic, Framework Functional Psychiatry and TMS, in Lake Oswego, Oregon.


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Scott Bartling says:

Where do i find the study documents that were talked about in this video?

Lani Elvenia says:

Interesting information on TMS to research actually I was going to call and schedule appointment and the clinic had closed down due to COVID-19, right at the beginning of it all. side note: I've been at conference where Shauna Hahn has presented.

Karl Mancini says:

Great video series. Equally valuable for sharing with family as well.

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