How Long After a Head Injury Can Symptoms Occur?

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How long after a head injury can symptoms occur? |

A concussion is a brain injury. Every brain injury is different. Because sometimes these symptoms of a brain injury are very subtle, the person who has the brain injury themselves don’t even realize that they have a problem. It’s their husband, it’s their wife, it’s their family, it’s their employer who might realize that person is not just behaving the way they were, they’re not the same. People with the brain injury might look fine. That’s why brain injury is called an invisible injury.
Some of these symptoms might take hours, some might take days, some might take weeks to develop. Because each brain injury is different, each person will have different symptoms. Some may appear and some may disappear. What we’re looking for are the physical, the cognitive, the emotional and behavioral changes that take place after a brain injury. When you retain the law firm of De Caro & Kaplen, you’re retaining more than lawyers. You’re retaining people who understand brain injury. They can help you navigate the problems and pitfalls surrounding a traumatic brain injury and weaknesses to you on your road to recovery.

Often times, those who bear the hardship of an accident assume no one’s at fault—they’re simply victims of fate. Hey, accidents just happen, right? Wrong!

De Caro & Kaplen, LLP proudly represents the interests of traumatic brain injury and bodily injury victims in the state of New York and beyond. With demonstrated success both in and out of the courtroom, our attorneys have the passion and persistence to take on the toughest personal injury claims—and win.

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ItzKarleyPlays says:

I got hit in the head with autism my brain got worse each week sometimes I can’t talk now or hear

The Family Guy says:

We all are loved wether we have been changed drastically mentally and or physically. Keep your head up high and always remember theirs brighter days ahead and cherish all the great moments we got to enjoy in the passed 🤙🏾

Daywalker777r says:

Got punched in the back of the head in 7th grade and blacked out for like 5 seconds i remember being way more enthusiastic about things before that. Now i cant tell if the person i am today is because of the trauma. Or invisible injury.

Omay Caesar says:

Help me appreciate Dr Madida for assisting me in curing my herpes virus and Anosmia disease with his herbs.

Lennox Morgan says:

The sharp pain I usually felt inside my ear was unbearable for me that I had to use herbal supplements from Dr Madida on YouTube for treating my Tinnitus condition and after using the supplements for several weeks the pain stops completely and I have being examining myself for months now without the pain coming back.

philip bayliss says:

I was on a school holiday when i was about 12 13 got hit in the back of head by a large pole. I was in a small boat with a sail only 2 man in sea an capsized as they pulled the main bar up it slip out the persons hand and i drifted in the way and hit on the back of head. I remember being pulled aboard the raft who organised it and sitting with head in lap. When got to beach was asked by others if ok. I thought i was fine they said they tried to speak to me but was unresponsive. I had a lump no cut, thought nothing of it. Then it went bald. I still have that bald spot today and the lump over 20yrs later at the time i was going through change in family arrangements plus teenage problems. I was falling asleep wkends midday jumping up thinking im late for papers. My dad asked if i took drugs. Never got an explanation. And i struggle mentally know. So im unsure what effect being hit thst way that causes bald spot but no break of skin has on someone. A split, a stab, slice etc but a wack then that spots bald. I think its a skull fracture but they didnt bother looking at.

Hamburger HelpMe says:

I have injury induced tinnitus And I'm suffering idk if I will acclimate

Gregory Graham says:

the changes are noticed, all right.
unfortunately, usually not well accepted.
jobs get lost, relationships rupture.
i lost everything .

death sketch says:

What happens someone hits you in the head constantly.

JoshyD888 says:

I had an tumer on the front of my brain that got to the size of a human fist and had no Idea. My symtums were really subtle & almost unoticable. Luckally my family noticed the memory signs I couldn't notice myself because I was the one having them, & other signs other people who don't know me as well would have noticed. And my symtums escalated extremely quickly cuz didn't start to show untill they were killing me.

I went to the doctor and found out about it thinking it could have been something small so almost didnt go. My neurosurgen said If I would have waited even a few more days and not gotten all the treatment i needed I soon my brain would have swelled up & deffinatly would have died. Even with all the treatment and super fast time between descovery and surgery I still managed to go partially blind and other senses cognitive thing degraded extreamly quickly. I wen't nealrly completly blind _ deaf my the time the surgery came. I'm stll too blind to drive and things can be disorienting metally and visually, like movies, movies and tv arent the same now. But it's a whole lot better than being dead.

George Wilkinson says:

My symptoms occurred right after I had my brain injury. I injured my cerebellum. And it took me 2 months to relearn how to walk. I don't remember the accident. But I was told I got hit by a car that was doing about 60 mph and I flew up in the air on impact and landed on my head. I smacked my head off of the cars trunk on the way down and suffered traumatic brain injury . I am lucky to be alive. I don't remember anything that happened my own mother seen everything she told me what happened.

Jonathan Worrall says:

Hi doc can you contact me please

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