How Long Do Concussion Symptoms Last? Post-Concussion Syndrome

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How Long Do Concussion Symptoms Last? What is Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS)?

Dr. Gabella discusses how long concussion symptoms typically last and what to do when symptoms don’t resolve. Treatment for Post-Concussion Syndrome & Brain Rehabilitation.

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abnashi Banga says:

Hi thanks for this video, can concussion cause Iron levels to drop, which than causes muscle weakness and brain fog.

Jeoban Yasmare says:

I had a head injury about a year ago, and I only been getting worst, due to some troubles with the workers- com I haven’t been getting treated at all just with pills that seem to only make it worst. My question is, could post-concussion syndrome be permanent?

Tina Cady says:

Do you know if there is an organization that has a list of doctors or places that specialize in PCS by location? My niece has been in a dark room for a year now and all the doctors she's seen don't believe her 🙁

KJ T says:

I was hoping you would say that the encouraging thing was that all Those people Got better. But Then it was that they didnt get better. Hehe stung a little bit. Pcs is a bitch. Mostly because every one and everywhere talks about symptoms stats and not precise recovery stats.

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