"How Long Does a Concussion Last?" and Post Concussion Syndrome

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http://triangletbiconcussiondoctor.com Dr. David Clark, DC –Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill concussion doctor—explains how long you can expect concussion symptoms to last. And what happens if your concussion symptoms last longer than 2 weeks.

The most common symptoms of Post-Concussion Syndrome:
Vision problems
Trouble concentrating
Memory loss
Neck pain
Insomnia/sleep disturbance

Dr. David Clark, DC
Fellow American College of Functional Neurology
Fellow American Board of Brain Injury & Rehabilitation
Fellow American Association of Integrative Medicine
Diplomate College of Clinical Nutrition
Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist
Fellow American Board of Vestibular Rehab
Vestibular Rehab Specialist (ACNB)

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Durham, NC 27713

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Thę Architeçt says:

Hmmm I hope am good, got mild I think maybe coz of playing soccer.

Jorge F says:

Im 4 months in after I crack my head in two spots I don't feel same and I cant sleep or focus on my task ,weed helps just to live and continue .

Brain Damage TV says:

I have Post Concussion Syndrome 12 years later

Don Webb says:

Help I live in northern N.J. and I have been diagnosed with PCS,PBS,and PSTD. I’m looking for a PCS expert.

Virginia Ball says:

What kind of dr can I go see to get checked for this problem besides my general dr

ravenwyld says:

Hit my head when I was drinking. Thought I was still hungover a week later but thinking maybe its the hit to the head instead. Forehead is very sore and I'm nauseous. Good thing I have a nuerologist appointment monday 🤔

Bob Ming Jr says:

How to recover from this?

Mewcenary says:

I have been dealing with this for almost 4 years now and I can't get help, nothing has gotten better and I keep getting passed off because I don't look "disabled". I lost my job, I can't pay for my college courses, I am literally confined to my house, specifically my room due to the severe sensitivity to light/noise/ a constant migraine. I am in pain 24/7, the migraine never goes away, its at a constant 6/7 now that spikes throughout the day to 9/13 or 10/20 at worst to the point I want to die.

My Symptoms:
When it happened; No loss of consciousness but I almost did, I was in a state of being dazed, confused/ disoriented/ sleepy.
Migraine – pain lvl 6/7 constantly
Sometimes Nausea
Fatigue/ drowsiness/ Foggy
Problems with speech/ Slurred speech
Insomnia to Sleeping more than usual; maybe 1 to 3 hours of sleep a day for months
Dizziness, loss of balance & coordination
Blurred vision/ Pupils dilate, ringing in the ears, changes in the ability to smell
EXTREME Sensitivity to Light/ Sound/ Temperature
Memory loss & concentration problems/ Extremely overwhelmed & confused or lost if I am startled or don't understand
Mood swings/ depressed/ anxious/ Agitation/ unusual behavior/ Angry for no reason
Can't bend over or exercise/exert my self without exasperating it.

And those are just some of what I deal with every single day. It gets worse when I try to fight against it to do anything, like riding in a car or watching TV.

Ashley Ervin says:

I will research you more. I am one year and eight months out and I am not getting better

Ashley Ervin says:

Ten for ten

Ashley Ervin says:

One year and eight months later…..I have eight for eight

Ashley Ervin says:

Yup I have all of it

Sarah S says:

Thank you so much! I'm pretty certain I have post concussion syndrome — should I be avoiding certain activities that I was avoiding early on in my injury, such as looking at screens?

felipe melchor Hernandez says:

It's been 9 months since i have post conccussive syndrome and I still suffering with head pressure light and noise sensativity i haven't feel myself since then…i have depression anxiethy ,insomnia and irritability I don't know if this will go away some day

Madison Grooters says:

I have had symptoms for post concussion syndrome for a year and a little bit longer from when my two concussions occurred. Is this normal? If not normal, is it at least like possible? Part of me is afraid that I don’t really have it and I just have things wrong with me that I need to fix if that makes any sense.

Christy Zareth says:

Hi doctor…i was involved in a minor car accident a month ago..had a CT SCAN done and neurologist said I was okay…but i still have most of the symptoms you mentioned…what can I do about it?

Hortensia Murphy says:

Thank You Dr. Clark . This is very informative. It gives me peace of mind that I'm not losing my mind. This has been a long road of recovery and understanding.

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