How Man’s Personality Changed after Life Saving Brain Surgery

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Jody had brain surgery to treat his epilepsy and doctors removed parts of his brain. Post-surgery, Jody noticed he was talking more than before, experiencing more empathy, less anxiety and thoughts of death. Epileptologist and neurologist Dr. Manisha Holmes share that some of these changes are normal after this type of surgery.

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esähM says:

Yeah, let's remove some brain matter, eventhough we know less than 1% about how the brain functions. It doesn't matter if we induce a bunch of additional cognitive issues by disrupting and destroying brain networks surgically.

Hasmin B says:

it could also be placebo

Oxygin808 says:

I wish They would help my dogs that died from cancer 2 of them were like family to us

Reek Reeker says:

If people fear covid vaccines, I guess government could just remove the part of the brain that is afraid of it and you'll feel great again. Trust the medicine xD

Tamara P says:

Before brain surgery I had a short fuse, now my fuse is gone.

D Krappenschitz says:

Now please do a brain surgery on everyone that was in the show screeching at Dr Paul Saldinho the carnivore diet advocate, and the audience clapping.

Tonya Wms says:

Thanks for sharing your story.

Emma Faught says:

I have the exact same thing happening to me I had foot surgery about seven months ago and I suddenly developed a mental illness that’s very Unusual and complex

Armani Joy Silangan says:

ang galing 💚

EFIL WV says:

This proves determinism

Sarah Rodriguez says:

I know this isn’t the same but my anxiety and anger issues have gotten better after i got my thyroid removed from thyroid cancer.

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