How Methamphetamine Can Help Improve Function After Brain Injury

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Researchers are testing methamphatemine to study its effect on mobility and cognitive function after a moderate to severe brain injury.

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Hank Rutherford Hill says:

Great, not only do you have brain damage, but the road to recovery starts with tweeking lmao

Matthew Ornelas Moreno says:

I have always made the argument that if one is well with self discipline and well in his or her abilitiy to respect the substance it can have an elevated status as a Nootropic compound. Increasing the areas of ones motor, cognitive, and physical functions &/or abilities by boosting or enhancing, their levels of performance and perhaps even capabilities.

Ethan Cowart says:

Lol methamphetamine will cause a brain injury if anything.

Anonymous Alcoholic says:

absoloutely helps

Bob Huisbaas says:

Kiddy cocaine so much better than parenting… not !

Brandon Parker says:

I truly believe in extensive amounts it does open that "third eye" of ours. Its a very interesting chemical compound.

Ginger Moon says:

I say ipo red herring due diligence

manvsbridge says:

Or under any circumstances. Scientists are a little slow.

Tech King says:

This is why the stigma around drugs needs to be stopped. If methamphetamine had no stigma, a lot more people with medical conditions could benefit under certain circumstances (and of course scientists and doctors are aware of this).

M.Jeffrey Malcolm says:

And to be clear…this is medical grade clean meth, not the shit you buy down the street from your house ‼️

Jill Alexi Estrada says:

7 years ago? Damn, wish I would have known this before I myself studied it on myself.

Valerie Sanchez says:

Drug gave me brain damage after stopping.
Very dangerous street drug

Vickie Allsopp says:

Sorry I just do not understand promoting this drug 1 bit for any reason, its a ever day night mare living with a user!! 😭💔

Corrine says:

I was a longtime & heavy methamphetamine user…I would like to say I've been clean now 2 years. But, I've always wanted to reach out to a medical doctor, scientists….whatever….to say that the drug truly needs to be studied. I strongly believe that methamphetamine strengthens the immune system. Just saying.

Alion Gaboobagus says:

I've used meth a long time I'm lucky to be alive and in the physical shape I am. Small doses did help me with focus and my abilities however when sex and loss of specific lover came into play I started to do more and more until I chased voices around the neighborhood. If I'm correct I think its origin is from a plant not sure I need to study ..only reason I'm commenting is because I've gotten off of it ..I'm in decent mental state but I have no desire for my passions like writing and playing music …not even sex I mean I still love sex but from the trauma of loosing my girl and going so far into the meth. I just don't feel the urdge to really do things ..I try to do art projects and handy task or play music but I just don't feel right like I'm forcing everything ..I'm not on any other meds I do take kratom for pain …is there any advice on how or if my desire to thrive will come back or did I fry my reward receptor's. I don't know what to do I thought about getting on small dose of addarall but I'm afraid my addictive personality will just need more and more …I'm doing everything to live clean without medication …I'm only four months clean no desire to use but I want to function. What should I do?

Jmiah REAL ONE says:

I’ve had like 16 concussions and a tbi and couldn’t do anything without prescription amphetamines but at some point they stopped working. I want off hut all iI do is sleep and can’t do anything without them. Before getting a script I couldn’t do anything either. I couldn’t wake up I always slept thru my alarm started not making it to work, couldn’t finish tasks always confused. But now the side effects are bad I feel trapped. I keep trying to get off but when I do I’m in so much pain and unable to do anything and life becomes me confined to a bed not eating or taking care of myself or doing anything at all. My life becomes completely unmanageable like living in a haze and daze. As a Christian i have guilt and these have caused problems with my mental illness but they also gave me back my life. I’m scared I won’t go to heaven although I place my trust in Christ. I’m on so many meds and sometimes I just wanna stop taking all of it and think maybe I don’t need it but then I remember the fact that I was showing symptoms even before these meds.

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