How my invention helped my friend with a brain injury communicate again | Jacob Smilg | TEDxVienna

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Inspired by a friend who suffered a life-altering brain injury, 14-year-old inventor Jacob Smilg developed a groundbreaking communication device that has captured worldwide attention.

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Inspired by a friend who suffered a brain injury, 14-year-old inventor Jacob Smilg has captivated the world with the creation of a groundbreaking communication device to help people with disabilities gain their voice.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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NoHumanInvolved says:

Its not revolutionary at all. The real story is that Ethan's speech therapists were incompetent and it took a kid to do their job for them. Any experienced speech therapist should have been able to have an appropriate device made.

Wes Brinsfield says:

2070 paradigm shift

Janno Pugi says:

Abnormal! This is not an invention or innovation. This is just pure overengineering and wasting of money!
3D printed case, arduino, big buttons, why all that? Just connect 2 buttons with different LED's and that's it.
(ps: I am sorry about your friend, but he deserves a lot more than this crap)

Henry Cracas says:

Aye he goes to my school👊🏻 Good job man

Pablo Martínez Díaz says:

Jacob, I have to congratulate you for your invention. What you have done is a fantastic invention and you are only 14! Wow, that is impressive! But, you know what? Your invention is NOTHING compared to the size of your heart. YOU are the best!

Ob.intelligent says:

He realay deserve a REALLY HUGE LIKE 😉


Join Team Ethan says:

A TEDx Talk is an Idea Worth Spreading.

Ganesh Kota says:

Wonderful presentation and good innovation for your friend. Great Job!

Fernando Bayo Niederheitmann says:

What kind of retrograde schmuck would hit the Thumbs-Down/Unlike button? Two, apparently…

Masta45 says:

That is amazing!

Lee & Cherie Estill says:

Great job, this is terrific!!

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