How Schools Can Help Kids with TBI

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Clinical psychologist Mariann Young talks about the myriad ways schools can help kids with TBI — from providing notetakers to assigning a lunchtime buddy.

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James Parker says:

I love your series, but schools with
Kids and teens with a TBI…
Do not have the skills nor do they understand how to deal with what is considered an invisible injury. Aly valles..look her up
Teen star falls Google this also Christabell..
Brayden (you tube). These girls were traumatized by their schools, one left the other fought to stay Aly Valles faced retrograde amnesia
She didn't even know she had been a high school student and was missing 5 yrs of her
Memory(nor has she gotten her memories back, just moved forward) I am learning that most kids with TBI Are Often Forced To Leave Their Schools And Old Life Do To Lack Of education on TBI in our schools ….looks the same, walks the same so they must be the same. Aly was asked if not accused of Acting to get attention because she's an accomplished well spoken teen actress. I assure you it was a loss to so many people around her to have to start relationships over and to know she was afraid of everyone, it was even harder to know she didn't trust any of us, thank god for the stage and music it was her safety net. and the only reason
she allowed "strangers" to touch or teach her all the things she didn't know.

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