How TBI and PTSD work together with mental health and headaches for your VA Disability claim

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How the VA Rates Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) 0:36
Categories of TBIs 0:51
What is Needed for a TBI and Mental Health Case 3:06
Pyramid Rule 5:26
TBI Rule of Three 7:25
Contact Information 8:43

The VA rates TBI as based on these categories: cognitive impairment, emotional and behavioral dysfunction, and Physical and Neurological Dysfunction.

Veteran’s Lawyer Zach Evans covers each of these categories and shares some of the strategies he uses to help vets suffering from TBI and PTSD.

If this brings up questions about your Veteran’s ability to focus or if you suspect long-lasting symptoms from a head injury or concussion, call Zack at 800-544-2108.

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iTzzJH_ says:

So i got a tbi and now have migranes, by law will it be rated under code 8100 or under tbi symptoms? And what would be the most proper way to make a claim for migranes under tbi?

John A. Wagner says:

I have a example my name is John A wagner and I had a T.BI w/plate and I was born developed in my mother fetas A full term drowning in Alcohol and Cigarettes… This is not in order But as I continue writing this maybe someone can understand how I'm still alive… So at age 7 I was also molested for a time of 3 years by my neighbor and As I continue writing this at the Age of 54 and abuse cocaine and Alcohol for 35 years and now I'm sober and on Adderall XR for ADHD plus I can Build Just About anything with my two hands and Solve the unsolved..Not bragging but why I also Served In military Assignments Classification unknown being released with no Honor…

Hank Moody says:

Just fix my f'ing brain. I can't take this crap anymore

Kenny H says:

i have 100% P&T for PTSD, Major depressive disorder with TBI and dizziness, not sure what that means

Wicho Flores says:

Strongly recommend 👍🏽

Johnny Contreras says:

if my TBI happened 27 years ago, i assume its to late to make a claim? TIA

John O'Brien says:

I’m rated at 50% PTSD. I have a TBI exam in a few weeks. Is it possible for the VA to actually lower my PTSD rating after my TBI exam ? I’m so worried the VA is going to screw me by lowering my overall rating.

Ken Knox says:

My PTSD and TBI was combined as one rating, 70%. I had 50% PTSD, then put claim in for TBI. This doesn’t seem right. I would do better with 2 separate ratings. Does the VA do this often?

Maine D says:

I have TBI but no headaches. How is that rated ?

Relaxing Baby Music says:

Can you file a fdc for tbi with a secondary claim of migraines and another secondary claim from the tbi for PTSD? What’s the best way to connect it and get their higher rating the veteran deserves?

Alex Gutiérrez says:

My question Can I file for both TBI And PTSD ?

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