How Throttle Body Injection ( TBI ) Works by Howstuffinmycarworks

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This video explains How the Throttle Body Injection Works.
The focal point of the Video is the Mechanical side of it, involving the Fuel delivery.
The video shows the main parts involved in delivering the Fuel to the engine and how these parts work.
We will be uploading more videos that will explain how the Sensors have a direct impact on how much Fuel is Injected by the Fuel Injectors when the ECM modifies their pattern as the demands of the Engine changes.

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thelocustemperor says:

When you say multiport injection do you mean TPI (tuned port injection)?

Lauri Jorgenson says:

This was very helpful. Thank you!

Spicy McHaggins says:

Thank you so much! I'm totally new to GM and American cars at all. Please, more like this. Best regards from Germany!

GinPok says:

So after I turn the key and the engine starts, and I can see and control the 'umbrella' gas flow you spoke about. The engine runs for approx 17-18 seconds and just stops. No more umbrella gas flow. I can turn the key again immediately and the engine will start again and repeat this scenario, over and over. Engine (454) sounds smooth and strong.

michael Thomas says:

I have a 1989 Chevy K10 Blazer 5.7 TBI I've replaced the fuel pump ignition module pickup coil ECM oil pressure sending unit and I am still not getting signal or power to my injectors what would cause that

mrarmy300 says:

Good information, thank you!

Jesus Garcia says:

What if there’s no fuel coming from the fuel injectors to the carburetor?

Jennie Rich says:

Thanks this is great. I have a 87 grand marquis with a similar system (haynes manual calls it Central Fuel Injection). I believe its causing a misfire and gas smell. Haynes manual shows me the break down of the CFI and replacement of injectors but a video always helps to better understand thanks 😊

Bezzy209 says:

Unbelievably thorough explanation. Excellent. Thank You!

James says:

I have the same setup on my 88 suburban. When I started it revs high like the choke is on but as the truck gets warm it doesn't idle down why is this?

Christopher Rhoads says:

What does the number in tbi 5 mean???

jo Ven says:

Thank you i understand now my nissan hardbody 1993 pickup vs. Nissan hardbody 1996

ahmed Rahman says:

i cannot find ur videos about sensors.can u help me how i can find them.aThanks

death13 says:

where is the pulse sent from does the distributor send it to the injectors based on cam timing how is it done

oracle wisdom says:

when I pinch return line, pressure jump from 10 to 20, and engine stop surging instantly. so is my regulator bad?

Benjamin Payton says:

So the fuel pressure testing kit didnt send me a pair to plug the return….should I opt for patent? Or rewrite the sop?

John Wolf says:

Would you know why or how fuel can flood the map sensor line?

Jack Parker says:

Just as last time they can't seem to get the fuel pressure to go above 7 lb. When I asked them what was the pressure when it left a month ago functioning. I got delayed answer I questioned 35 pounds? he said well 40 lb is what it needs to run. It was having intermittent dropouts as I drove it from that point. As if someone had turned the ignition off very extremely quickly. I imagine the fuel pressure was marginal. for I can recall hearing injector noise slightly before total dysfunction.

Jack Parker says:

Pep Boys in Hollywood California Hollywood Boulevard Gower

Jack Parker says:

My 3500 GMC Sierra dually is at Pep Boys. They change my fuel pump a month ago. They put pump only not complete assembly. They could not start it they could not figure it out. Relay was very loose I discovered recently. I put new relay in truck mysteriously started I drove one month on their warranty. They are now working on it again still a dilemma. They are going to try to change complete pump unit. In tank. Their mechanic tightened up fuse box relay connections. By doing something behind fuse box. I wonder could fuel pump regulator be in the mix? I await impatiently for them to call me that it is running with fingers crossed.

William Galindo says:

My rv has the v6 engine with the tbi carb. No fuel is spraying from the injectors. I pulled the fuel line and fuel flows still no spray. How do I determine if I have an electrical issue or mechanical?

Edwin Rodriguez says:

I need to know why my tbi when its cold and I slam the throttle it stalls? Bit when it warms up its perfectly fine

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