How to deal with low sex drive after PTSD and TBI? – Dr. Anantharaman Ramakrishnan

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PTSD or TBI typically happens after injury to brain skull or brain due to accidents , falls etc.You may have reduced muscle power ,difficulty in walking etc.You could have a pituitary gland injury along with brain injury which hangs like small fruit at the base of the brain .Due to this injury to pituitary gland,you can have a low level of testosterone which is very important for sex drive.So any one who have low sex drove following a brain injury must get tested for low testosterone levels .Also test for thyroid hormone levels and cortisone.

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Matt Julian says:

God my problem is so fucking bad. I swear I wasn't like this till after my TBi I use to have women impressed all day, now I can't do shit. Ffa I stg I wanna die.

Nilesh Pawar says:

What could be solution for that there any surgery or tablets to available ? I am facing same problems

Elself 85 says:

I need help and support

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