How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule

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@Denisethecoolgamer-gz4xm says:

Na I was up to 3AM watching Rick and Morty and I won’t have to go back to school till next month though I might use this when I get to USF

@user-qe3uf6je7l says:

Im watching this at 1:27

@ae121 says:

this is really ironic to see after taking a 6 hour nap after getting back from school 😭😭

@jahaakmYT1281 says:

Sleep in: 9 o'clock or other late time
Wake up: 6:30 o'clock

@silly_goofs says:

i realized ive really been screwing myself over by almost always taking a 1-3 hour nap. it really shortened the amount of time i have to work and most importantly my body automatically got extremely tired during the last class period because it knows im about to sleep

@Cassidy..- says:

Help i wake up at 5:00 AM.. πŸ’€

@TheCBBJrSquad says:

My sleep schedule for school is 7:30PM-6AM

@askredditstudios8055 says:

Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

@chloe-yp2zf says:

"Isnt that hard" u said that so easily.

@lorriepower4644 says:

Bruh. I watch YouTube right before bed every night. I'm literally watching this at 10:03 pm when I have to get up early tomorrow and I like to listen to music before bed

@butterflyflower1321 says:

Watching this at 2:01am πŸ™‚

@no_namememes3608 says:

Instructions unclear i still fucking killed myself after one day

@lqdyd4856 says:

Bruh- I have 3 hours of dance every night and school gets out at 4 plus I have to do chores and help with dinner and everything πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

@GeoCompare249 says:

yesterday i slept for 2 hours but felt fully rested

@user-pd6ev9gb7j says:

Me watching this after playing 78 hours of csgo: I agree

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