How to manage foot drop by physical therapy? – Dr. Kiran Sundara Murthy

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The foot drop is the common problem with the neurological patients in the post stroke or with any of the neurological problem. So usually when the patient has this kind of problem, it will be referred in the hospital only and we start as early as possible and the progress will be effective. So to prevent the foot drop, we have the splints and the muscle stimulator. We can give the trans electric nerve stimulator and stimulate it to strengthen the muscle power and you can give proper stretching exercises.

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Thippe swamy says:

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Physio Therapy says:

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girish mundhra says:

I am suffering from foot drop after my stroke from past 4 years can u help

Luis Lozano says:

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Bruce Mallatratt says:

What in the world is this guy saying?

Ali says:

Sir i got foot drop 6 months before due to Leprosy, leprosy is 100% cured now but drop foot is there. i am using EMS since 4 months 20% improvement. want to get surgery is it ok to with surgery?

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