How to Solve Insomnia #sleep #sleeptips #sleeping #sleepy

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Fannie Thomas says:

The moment you open that book and start reading, it's over. Instant cure.

Ross Iseno says:

I think he is a sleep expert for Mattress, lol. Good luck

Andy says:

B1 and Magnesium deficiency

megawatercup says:

hmm should someone say that a person with insomnia should learn to like to laying in bed and staying awake 🤔 guess something has to work 🤷

Hyogo Marume says:

The way this guy talks, proves he never experienced real insomnia

Wasp 39 says:

He has his book on hand i always have a bottle of gin.

2chairs 123 says:

high intensity sprints, sunlight, long walks and yoga have helped me sleep. but yeah insomnia is terrible especially coz i get restless leg too so my body cant stay still either

DaleDoback1888 says:

Reading book is good and all but when you have to wake up at 5am to get a train to go to your school that is 100km away from your place, insomnia just sucks.
And here I am it's 2 30 am and I will be tired tomorrow and won't be able to learn sh1t because my brain will be tired af.

Scott Pope says:

This is bull, everyone can fall asleep, but there is no trick to staying asleep, I'm 62 and got books too, wake up at midnight and that's when my day starts, whether I want it or not

RESJGamer says:

Me, who does it because I want to:

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