How Trauma & PTSD Impact a Relationship [& What to Do]

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Clinical Psychologist Dr. Christina Iglesia is a PTSD & trauma expert. In this eye-opening live class, Dr. Christina walks through MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson and the MedCircle audience what you need to know about how trauma & PTSD impact a relationship – and what to do about it.

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This class will benefit you if you are looking for information on…
The psychology and mental health of trauma
The impact of trauma and PTSD on relationships
When trauma leads to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Trauma therapy options and support strategies
The symptoms of PTSD including dissociation
Mental health interventions for emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual assault, violence, and other traumatic events
How to prevent or cope with any mental illness that may result from trauma

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MedCircle says:

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Miriam Diaz says:

Trauma does change the brain, but does not necessarily result in PTSD.

London Couture Salon says:

With so many single parent homes, how can we protect our children from complex trauma, is it possible? Neglect of the other parent who is absent

joann Cooper troupe says:

I don't do well on meds. My Klonopin got taken away due to pain managemrnt. So its pain or mental health i guess!! I was by a licensed Psyc Dr jerked off 3 mgs of Clonazepam year before last no step down nothing!! i had a year from Hell!!

joann Cooper troupe says:

TyMed Circle !! your Videos help me so much!! i have not bern able to afford the monthly mrmbership. I am on Fixed ssi income. Ty for letting me hear these..

joann Cooper troupe says:

Ty Med Circle…Thank You Kyle i need and Love your Videos,, i love DrR, Christina too Ty..

Amber Ivey says:

So insightful ❤️‍🔥 thank you for sharing

Amber Ivey says:

How do you feel secure after unpacking or discussing trauma? I have a hole in my soul from multiple traumas.

alexandra austin says:

Hello is a way can try tell my story before I try again to not keep on going I'm so tired but I need to try hard one more time ,

Adrie Drake says:

This is such a helpful video. I have had many traumatic events. I was diagnosed with PTSD at 15 yrs old.I have just started to really see how it effects my 3 yr relationship. I am worried my past trauma will ruin my relationship so I'm always in self protection mode. I'm working on feeling those emotions and pin pointing when that happens. This video is so insightful. Thank you🙏🏻

Maori says:

Thank you very much! I love your channel so much🙏💚

Seqoia Begone says:

If a person truly wants to overcome😁then they will utilize the tools that are available. I highly recommend Cpt-Cognitive Processing Therapy. However make sure it's with a professional. People on the internet can claim anything!!!! don't make it true.

Sue Stone says:

Isn't that therapy for 1 traumatic event.

Wenlie Estoya says:

i had bf who has ptsd,he just broke up with me 2 weeks ago,and i felt devastated bcoz i loved him so much but i felt that he was'nt that sure what he is doing,he broke up with me just bcoz i didnt agree that he cant come home on april we are in long distance relationship been waiting for him for more than 2 yrs.i know he loves me too but i dont understand why he decided to broke up with all of a thinking maybe his ptsd has been triggered or what,i wanted to help him and be by on his side during difficult times but i cant do that coz he is so far from me.

Tie Jocky says:

Sometimes unfortunately for your own sanity you have to break the relationship from those who have the ptsd

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