How we want people to talk about MBTI vs how they actually talk about MBTI

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@sigma_supremo2121 says:

So I'm ISTP and ur INTP. I'm you but cooler and get shet done.

@generalshepherd7026 says:

I'm an ISTP and you're an ISTJ, that means that I'm the non-virgin version of you.

@saranegoita8190 says:

Im an ENFP and you re an INFP so that means i got more ideas than you ever had 😎✨️

@hamelin4088 says:

I am an ESFP and I feel like people forget about us or we are rare as I haven’t found anyone else like me yet

@BM151 says:

I'm an ENFP and you're an ENFJ. That means you're the (WAY) more psychoanalytical version of me

@SlimThrull says:

But…. INTJs are seriously better than the other types

@tew9275 says:

"I'm intp and you're an intj so you're the less lazy version of me"

Tbh i don't think anyone i know know what mbti is or maybe i just don't talk with them enough

@swisdom9117 says:

Lmfaoo why is the second one so accurate 😂😂

@Danmarinja says:

“Hey what’s your MBTI?”
“What’s an MBTI?”
“Never mind.”

@karinazanona9542 says:

My soul and energy went away after I heard the version people really talk… 😵

@Kai-of8dp says:

I'm an ESTJ and you're an ISTJ. That means I'm a louder version of you.

@beingsomeone201 says:

Not true
Entj s are very good people
And they are rare like infj
They have same feelings problems like infjs
You're lucky if any entj give you their planning(which they rarely shares with others)

& entj will be helping you out of nowhere but has attachment issues

& entjs judgement is more fair than any judges in the world and entps truth argument accuracy is more fair than any lawyers😅

(Both like each others)❤

@MarissaMoore2699 says:

She should be banning me

@Alienxmilk says:

God I wish people would talk like this. So I’ll know up front their intentions and they’ll know mine, or at least understand.

@kate1060 says:

This is the most ENTJ person I saw in my life

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